Power Duo Rosie and Juan Rivera Unite for Exciting Ventures while Baring their Deepest Regrets

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Rosie and Juan Rivera Join Forces Again for New Projects

The brothers of the late singer Jenni Rivera, Rosie and Juan Rivera, recently revealed their plans for upcoming collaborations. In an interview with Despierta América (Univision), they shared their excitement about working on various projects together, finally doing something for themselves.

Currently, Rosie and Juan are busy working on a documentary, a book, and two records. According to Juan, they have been working on the documentary and book for a year now. While the details of the book remain undisclosed, Juan hinted that it would focus on someone who had a significant impact on regional Mexican music.

Rosie and Juan have a deep personal connection to the story they are sharing, and they described it as being incredibly close and special to them. It seems like a tribute to their late sister, Jenni Rivera, could be a possibility, considering their previous collaborations such as the duet “Déjame el instructivo” and the music video “I presume,” dedicated to Brenda, Juan’s wife.

During the interview, Ninette Ríos asked Rosie and Juan what they would change in their lives if given the chance. Rosie spoke openly about two regrets she carries with her. Firstly, she mentioned a past abortion at the age of 17, expressing gratitude that she has healed from that experience but acknowledged the lingering thoughts and regrets it brought her. Secondly, Rosie expressed remorse about the way she treated her mother when she was young, admitting that it still pains her to think about it.

On the other hand, Juan conveyed his regret about the hurt he caused his wife, Brenda, stating that it is something he cannot repair. Additionally, he expressed remorse for the wounds he has caused within his family. Both siblings openly shared their personal struggles and the burdens they carry.

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It is clear that Rosie and Juan Rivera have important stories to share and messages to convey through their upcoming projects. Their ongoing collaboration promises to bring forth a compelling documentary, an intriguing book, and captivating music records that will surely resonate with their fans and followers.

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