Powerball’s Winning Ticket Worth $2.6 Million Sold in California

Winner! 5/5 Powerball Ticket Worth $2.6 Million Sold in Daly City ...

The Powerball lottery has struck again, this time with a substantial jackpot of over $2 million in Northern California. The lucky winner, who matched all five numbers, received an impressive prize of over $2.68 million. This life-changing event has had a profound impact on the man who resides in the northern region of California.

Where was the winning Powerball ticket purchased on July 8th? According to information provided by the California Lottery, the ticket that matched the five numbers was bought at Quik Stop, located at 4707 Quail Lake Drive #400 in Stockton, northern California. The winning numbers drawn were 7, 23, 24, 32, and 43, with the Powerball number missing, which happened to be 18 this time. The Power Play multiplier for the draw was 2x.

How large was the Powerball jackpot on July 9th? If the ticket had matched all six numbers, the jackpot would have been a staggering $630 million, with the option of receiving a cash prize of $310.6 million. It is noteworthy that this Powerball draw marked the 34th consecutive event without a winner of the main prize.

In November 2022, Edwin Castro won a historic Powerball prize of $2.040 million. However, the Hispanic winner chose to receive the cash payment option, resulting in a sum of $997.6 million. Find out more details about this fortunate winner here.

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