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Pregnant man and more: new emojis for text messages

A pregnant man and a melting face are among the 37 new emojis that will soon be available for use in messaging services. The Unicode Consortium has a total of 838 new characters for the update of the international character standard Unicode presented. Other emoji approaches are two hands that form a heart, a bird’s nest and a face that tries to hold back tears.

In principle, the consortium continues to expand diversity. In the future, there will also be different skin tones when shaking hands emoji. With regard to the “pregnant man”, Emojipedia says that the image is sometimes used as a joke if you have eaten too much. Smartphone and computer users are expected to be able to use the new symbols in everyday communication from the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. During this period will according to information from Emojipedia the support of Unicode 14 is expected in operating systems such as Microsoft, Apple or Google. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the expansion of the emoji catalog was postponed from March to September 2021.


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