Premiere movies and series on Netflix, Movistar +, Amazon, Disney + and HBO from September 27 to 30

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Transition week which we live in this just begun, on the one hand we have the end of September and on the other the beginning of October -which points out that we are only 3 months away from the end of the year. We review a few premieres, because as we still do not know all of the VOD services for October, we will tell you the last of September that the platforms bring.

Netflix is ​​the one that premieres one of the most powerful -and Spanish- content of the week with its original We were songs, the second work that the service adapts by the Spanish writer Elísabet Benavent. A romantic comedy with María Valverde and Álex González based on the novels ‘Songs and memories’ that joins the two seasons of Valeria, which are already on Netflix.

Another is the series The Fortune, which also marks the return to the direction of the always interesting Alejandro Amenabar, who has chosen an adventure story after his While the War lasts released in 2019.

And from Netflix we also have Britney Vs Spears,an explosive documentary that will surely sweep the audience, which analyzes the fight of the musical icon Britney Spears against her father James Spears, who after her daughter’s mental crisis took over her life in terms of everything: From the decision-making power even over a child or partner, up to discounted economic assets. The documentary, which comes just as Britney is about to get rid of her father’s Conservatorship, is a summary of years of research, interviews and documents in pursuit of the singer’s struggle to regain her freedom from all levels, showing the sick and abusive control that his father exercised.

NETFLIX 27 – 30 septiembre

September 28

  • Britney Vs. Spears

September 29

  • We were songs

September 30

  • Love 101, temporada 2

HBO SPAIN September 27 – 30

September 27th

NUCLEAR FAMILY. Documentary miniseries

Filmmaker Ry Russo-Young focuses the camera on her own past to explore the meaning of family. In the late 70s and early 80s, when the concept of a gay family was inconceivable to most, Ry and his sister Cade were born to two lesbian mothers through sperm donors. Ry’s idyllic childhood was threatened by an unexpected lawsuit that shocked his family’s lives and continues to resonate today.

MOVISTAR + 27 – 30 September

Tuesday 28

Bloody Hell

22: 00h at Movistar Premieres (dial 30). A former soldier prevents a robbery with tragic consequences. Overwhelmed by the fame produced by his intervention, he goes on a trip to Finland, where he is kidnapped by a mysterious family. However, tied up in the basement of the gloomy place, he is not alone: ​​keeping him company is his dual personality, a resource he developed to cope with post-traumatic stress.

Wednesday 29

Truffle hunters

22: 00h at Movistar Premieres (dial 30). When night falls, in the depths of the forests of Piedmont, Italy, a small group of men go out together with their dogs in search of a prized delicacy, desired by the most exquisite palates and almost impossible to find: the white truffle. Advances in science have not yet been able to find the formula for its cultivation and it remains a secret that the protagonists of this documentary keep safe in their memory and in the snouts of their beloved dogs.

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Thursday 30

The Fortune. Original series Movistar +

Thursday 30 double episode. Directed by Alejandro Amenábar, an action-adventure series that will arrive in the US next winter through AMC +. Álex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat, finds himself unintentionally turned into the leader of a mission that will put all his convictions to the test: recover the underwater treasure stolen by Frank Wild, an adventurer who travels the world looting the common heritage of the deep. from sea.

DISNEY + 27 – 30 September

September 29

  • The Great North
  • Grown-ish, temporada 2
  • Malacca
  • Excuse me sir
  • Breakout, temporada 2

FILMIN 27 – 30 September

September 27

The Evening Hour

The opioid crisis in America is the central theme of the film adaptation of the eponymous work by Carter Sickles that caused a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival.

Gold for Dogs

The end of summer has arrived… and what better way to say goodbye to him with this delicate tale of seasonal love affairs, peach-colored sunsets and millennial sensibilities.

September 28

A captain

The story of a football legend, Francesco Totti, and of the serious problems he experienced at his life-long club, Roma, during his last active season, facing his coach. Much more than football.


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