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And we come to a new weekend, the penultimate of October and the last before Halloween, so the VOD services have prepared during these weeks a series of premieres focused on this aspect – although without neglecting other tastes for those who do not like it. that on October 31st.

In Movistar + we have a recent premiere such as Monster Hunter de Paul WS Anderson, that after closing his successful (although repudiated) Resident Evil saga based (that is to say) on Capcom’s video games, he has wanted to adapt another equally successful saga such as Monster Hunter. Milla Jovovich works on screen not with zombies, but with colossal creatures more like dinosaurs in a plot that again does not seem to be very based on the game that it adapts.

Disney +, which this week released Inside Disney, a new series to know what is behind each Disney movie or theme park, look at Halloween and bring this weekend the third installment of Rec, prequel and that also breaks with the Found Footage aesthetic of the previous ones, and Victor Frankenstein, adrenaline-pumping film based on the immortal work of Shelley that rewrites the text to show us a much more human Igor and a crazier Frankenstein with the superb James McCavoy and Daniel Radcliffe.

And Netflix, as always, is loaded with titles including Locke & Key season 2; Insiders, a reality show presented by Nawja Nimri in which people who don’t know they are filming it for so long are followed for 24 hours; and the biggest gift of the month: All the seasons of The Office (USA), one of the best comedies in the history of TV with a kind of absurd humor that does not age one iota.

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October 22

  • Dynasty, season 4
  • Locke & Key, temporada 2
  • Animated
  • Maya and the three
  • Ultrasecretos
  • Buddy games
  • Spontaneous
  • Wild land
  • Together again
  • Love song

October 23

  • The Office USA, all seasons


Friday 22

Monster Hunter

22: 00h in Movistar Premieres 2 (dial 31). With Milla Jovovich (‘Resident Evil’) leading the cast, this action, fantasy and adventure film shows the mysterious disappearance in the desert of a convoy of soldiers with hardly any trace. When Jovovich’s character and his team investigate the incident, a sudden huge storm takes them to an alternate dimension riddled with gigantic and brutal monsters.

The Blacklist, season 9

VOSE in Movistar Series (dial 11). The new season is marked by (attention spoiler) the unexpected death of Liz (Megan Boone) at the hands of one of Townsend’s henchmen, just when she had decided to take over the reins of Reddington’s criminal empire (James Spader). As the task force led by Cooper overcomes one of their most personal losses and tries to find out who was behind Keen’s murder, the question remains as to whether Reddington will seek revenge.

Saturday 23

The Bite. season 1

9:00 p.m. at Movistar Series 2 (dial 12). Rachel (Audra McDonald) and Lily (Taylor Schilling) are two New York neighborhood residents who survive confinement from the Covid-19 pandemic. Rachel is a doctor. Lily, the upstairs neighbor, makes a living from BDSM sessions. When a strange and deadly variant of the virus spreads unexpectedly, the two find themselves fighting for their survival on another level. Without leaving home, yes.

Sunday 24th

Come to play

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22: 00h in Movistar Premieres 2 (dial 31). A psychological horror film that is not afraid of not being overly terrifying, but that uses the most primal fears, anxieties and insecurities of parenting to create a truly disturbing story.


October 22

  • Infinite


October 22

  • The Mountain Between Us (STAR)
  • Victor Frankenstein (STAR)
  • [REC] 3 (STAR)
  • Let the ugly die (STAR)
  • Brain drain (STAR)
  • Hippo vs. Crocodile
  • Jaguar beach battle
  • Shark vs. tuna
  • Sharks and volcanoes


October 22

Flash Bravío

The debut of the year for Spanish cinema, twice awarded at the Malaga Film Festival. In a small community in Extremadura, the life of the locals is about to change forever.


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