Premiere movies and series to watch this weekend on Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, Movistar + and more

Películas y series de estreno para ver este fin de semana en Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Movistar+ y más

We are already at the weekend, for some on vacation, for others on rest at home / work. Whether you are summering or working, for when you have a little free time this weekend we have very interesting and varied premieres. We are going to review the best Netflix premiere movies and series, Amazon, HBO Y Disney+ to watch this weekend:

And Netflix

With that of the change of month, from July to August, between now and Sunday Netflix will release no less than 18 series and movies, such as the third season of 44 Gatos, or the Colombian series The Cartel of the Capos: The Origin. And it also closes July with the expected The Last Mercenary, an action comedy in which a mythical secret agent turned mercenary comes out of hiding to save a son he has never known, and who is not exactly as capable as his father. A film that goes to what it goes, in which Jean-Claude Van Damme He has a great time between costumes, jokes, chases and good hosts like bread while Netflix pays for the party for all of us to enjoy.

July 28

  • The Cartel of the Capos: The Origin
  • Tattoo recycling
  • Bartkowiak

July 29

  • Can’t run away from love

July 30

  • The last mercenary
  • centaury
  • Outer Banks, temporada 2
  • How to Sell Drugs Online (Full Speed), Season 3

August 1

  • Below deck in the Mediterranean
  • 44 cats, season 3
  • Moon
  • Seven wishes
  • World Trade Center
  • Time and Tide
  • Grace’s possession
  • Penguin Highway: Mystery of the Penguins
  • Sherlock Gnomes
  • Creed

In Movistar +

The only premiere that has this weekend -and in fact the only one of the week-, Movistar + brings comedy How to make a girl on the Movistar Estrenos channel (dial 30): Beanie Feldstein returns to comedy in this funny film about a teenager with big dreams and altered hormones who, in 1993, decides to leave her home in the suburbs of Wolverhampton and go to London to reinvent herself.

In Disney+

The platform with the most powerful premiere of the week, Disney brings its Disney + Jungle Cruise, a new film based on a Disney attraction -this is how the Pirates of the Caribbean universe was born-, and an adventure film with a very classic aftertaste in which The Rock and Emily Blunt look for a tree with healing powers in the middle of the Amazon. As the film is also released in theaters, it has a Premium price that is paid in addition to what Disney + already costs you, and this is what it is worth, and also when it will arrive for free at Disney +.

And the long-awaited documentary Summer of Souls: Over the course of six weeks during the summer of 1969, the same as Woodstock, thousands of people attend the Harlem Cultural Festival to celebrate black history, culture, music and fashion. An event that was filmed, stored and forgotten for 50 years until now. Also, the end of the modern triptych on the Planet of the Apes with the latest installment, War for the Planet of the Apes.

In Amazon Prime Video

A single premiere is what Prime Video has for this weekend with Immune, which delves into the crowded sub-genre (or practically genre at this point) of zombies to tell us the drama of James Fisher, who after not perishing in a Zombie apocalypse survives alone in the deserted city of Coventry, immune to the virus that has wiped out the world. But then another survivor appears out of nowhere. The emotional conflict that this entails is more difficult to deal with than hordes of the nocturnal undead.

In HBO Spain

Once again, HBO does not premiere any series or films of its own during the weekend, but it does release a handful of licensed films that you always want to review or discover for the first time, such as the drama The Fighter – with a Christian Bale again. risking his health to ‘transform’ into the character, the anti-heroic spectacle of Venom and modern classics like the essential Pulp Fiction y the francesa ‘quality’ of Indochina:

July 29


July 30

  • COOL UP, SCOOBY DOO! Season 1

And Filmin

July 28

Friendship’s Death

A cult piece restored in 4K and just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. In one of her earliest roles, Tilda Swinton plays an alien android sent to Earth in peace. It was the only film directed by the prestigious film theorist, Peter Wollen.

The most beautiful boy in the world

After passing through the Sundance Film Festival, one of the documentaries of the year comes to Filmin, a Swedish production that shows us the other side of success. Björn Andrésen was a film icon and canonical male beauty model at the age of 15, but the price he had to pay after making his film debut with Visconti was very high. This is his story.

July 29


The C. Tangana phenomenon cannot be explained without getting to know two of his closest collaborators: Rogelio and Santos. The first portrays the second in this piece filmed in Los Angeles that reflects on nostalgia, ambition, frustrated dreams, time and the identity of the artist.

Caught in the Net

As eloquent as it is hard, this work exposes how child abuse is rampant on the Internet through three young people posing as minors on social networks.

For Lucio

Pietro Marcello’s latest work (“Martin Eden”) is a heartfelt tribute to the Italian singer Lucio Dalla, whose songs are the soundtrack of recent Italian history.

July 30

All Eyes Off Me

Director Hadas Ben Aroya (Critics Award at AFF17 with “People That Are Not Me”) reflects on the erotic and emotional spirit of the millennial generation.

July 31

Mogul Mowgly

Oscar nominee Riz Ahmed -A Sound of Metal, Rogue One- plays a musician again in this autobiographical film for which he has even composed the songs. Ahmed plays a rapper of Pakistani origin who, before starting a world tour, decides to travel to the United Kingdom to visit his family, whom he has not seen for two years.

In search of the perfect violin

A charismatic luthier travels Europe in search of the tree that offers the best wood to build the perfect violin. His odyssey, not without its dangers, is a hymn to life.


A look at the great director Federico Fellini through the eyes and lenses of Ferruccio Castronuovo, his trusted partner, who filmed him behind the scenes between 1976 and 1986.


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