Premiere movies and series to watch this weekend on Netflix, Amazon, Movistar + and Disney +

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On a weekend undoubtedly marked by appointments like the final of the Eurocup 2021Those who are not football fans or want to have something else to entertain themselves at home, can take a look at the billboard of VOD premieres in video on demand, because there are a huge number of premieres of weight without a doubt, counting from Friday 9 to Sunday 11.

We are going to review the best Netflix premiere movies and series, Amazon, HBO Y Disney+ to watch this weekend:

On Disney+

After a previous weekend in which we saw practically nothing, this is the one that sweeps. After releasing Monsters at work the animated series based on one of Pixar’s most beloved IPs such as Monsters SA, Disney + hits the megaton on the table with its most ambitious VOD premiere, nothing less than the following Marvel film: Black Widow / Viuda Negra, which recovers the character of Natasha Romanoff to give her – FINALLY – her own film, which becomes the first of the 4th Phase of the UCM after the Infinity Gems saga. A story in which the Widow will have to deal apart from the villain on duty, with her family, and especially with her sister.

And Netflix

Just yesterday one of the most anticipated Netflix (and very gamer) arrived for this July, as it is Resident Evil: Infinite DarknessParallel to Paul WS Anderson’s hated / loved feature film series with Milla Jovovich, Capcom produced up to three CGI films that told canon stories in the video game series using iconic characters such as Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and his sister Claire. Netflix brings us Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a CGI series that falls between the Resident Evil 4 and RE 5 games that have Leon and Claire hunting the undead in a very curious setting: The White House.

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Also, the second piece of the teen slasher triptych The Street of Terror, which despite adapting a series of books by the juvenile author RL Stine -Pesadillas-, there are three films with the R for those over 18 years old due to their gore content. The best thing is that the three films have the same protagonists and setting, but each one changes from year to year.

But this weekend, and how could it be otherwise being Netflix, we have quite a few things -which in fact is impossible to see in 2 days:

July 9

  • A place to dream, season 3
  • Biohackers, season 2
  • Atypical, season 4
  • Close Enough
  • Trilogy ‘The street of terror’, second delivery
  • That summer
  • How I became a superhero
  • The water man
  • Finding Hubby
  • How they became tyrants
  • Lee Su-guen: The Sense Coach

In Movistar +

Thriller patrio y del bueno del always interesting -and who knows how to mix that commercial and artistic touch that should be most distilled in Spain- Daniel Calparsoro, Up to heaven It is the most outstanding premiere, a film about robberies and with the always huge Luis Tosar, who does not matter if he plays a secondary role or even an extra. And also documentaries as remembered as that of ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ or one dedicated to the pioneers in the world of Haute Couture.

Friday 9

Up to the sky

22: 00h at Movistar Premieres (dial 30). Daniel Calparsoro in the direction and Jorge Guerricaechevarría in the script revisit and update the quinqui cinema in this action thriller based on real events. Action, romance and unbridled ambition are the keys to this film starring Miguel Herrán, Luis Tosar and Carolina Yuste that follows Ángel, a boy who, after fighting with Poli -the possessive boyfriend of a girl he meets in a nightclub-, is Invited by Poli himself to join a gang of robbers that has the entire Madrid police in check.

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Movistar + original series in collaboration with Secuoya Studios. Complete on demand. Comedy about what it means to be the head of an investment bank and have a family in the 21st century. Created and written by Olatz Arroyo and Marta Sánchez (scriptwriters of ‘There below’) and directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro (‘Eight Basque surnames’).

Saturday 10

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

22: 00h at Movistar Premieres (dial 30). This first studio film by Jim Cummings, protagonist and director of the independent hit ‘Thunder Road’ (premiered on Movistar +), is, once again, a very particular dramatic comedy, this time mixed with fantasy cinema and intrigue.

Crime in paradise.

9:30 p.m. at COSMO (dial 18). Detective Neville Parker tries to solve the mysterious crimes that take place in the sunny Caribbean. The detective comedy returns on its 10th anniversary with new intrigues to be solved, more guest stars, and a few surprises! Like the return of Florence Cassell and the arrival of Marlon Pryce, a teenager who will quickly bring problems.

Sunday 11th

Searching for Sugar Man

22: 00h at Movistar Fest (dial 23). In the late 1960s, a musician was discovered in a Detroit bar by two producers who fell in love with his poignant melodies and prophetic lyrics. They recorded an album that, they thought, would place the artist as one of the greatest of his generation, but that success never came. The singer disappeared amid rumors of a horrible suicide on stage. While the figure of the artist was being lost in oblivion, a pirated recording arrived in Apartheid South Africa and during the next two decades Rodríguez became a phenomenon.

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Pioneers of haute couture

22: 00h at Movistar CineDoc & Roll (dial 31). Coco Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, Vivienne Westwood, Donna Karan, Gabriela Hearst and Hanako Maeda are the protagonists of ‘Pioneras de la alta couture’, a documentary that deals in depth with the impact and empowerment of great fashion designers over the last century, an intimate look at women who have succeeded in an industry that, despite being created for them, has always been dominated by men.

On Amazon Prime Video

July 9th

Luxe Listings Sydney, season 1

July 10th

Escape Room

July 11

Another twist

On HBO Spain

Again another weekend without new series, in HBO we have movies and more movies, in which the bad milk of Yo, Tonya, with a splendid Margot Robbie in a complicated role of daughter skater ****; or all the overwhelming Sci Fi visualization of the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets by Luc Besson, the return to the Sci-Fi genre from the director of the iconic 90s The Fifth Element.

9 of July


And Filmin

July 9

Make Up

The vacation of a young couple begins to be cut short when she feels that she is moving away from her boyfriend. A psychological thriller with fantastic touches that has emerged as one of the most acclaimed debuts in recent British cinema.

On the prowl

Francisco D´Eufemia signs this police thriller with western features, in natural scenes of wild fauna and with Rodrigo De la Serna in the role of a park ranger who will discover a network of poachers, traffic and deceptions.


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