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Friday, and as such the end of the work / student week and the beginning of the weekend days off – for those who do not work or have to study, of course. Be that as it may, a few days in which to catch up with everything that the VOD platforms have to release from today Friday to Sunday and that we are going to review.

And there is telita, because today Friday 12 there are several major premieres, blockbusters. On the part of Netflix we have Red alert, second film on the platform with Ryan Reynolds – after Michael Bay’s successful 6 Underground – and also Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and The Rock in an action movie and robberies on stages around the globe that promises spectacularity. -It is Netflix’s most expensive film to date- and set pieces at the level of the Fast & Furious saga.

Disney also comes to war with premieres of weight for all subscribers, starting with Shang-Chi and the legend of the 10 rings, the second of the 3 Marvel UCM of this 2021 -after Black Widow and just before The Eternals-, an absolute joy Wuxia mixed with the Marvelian DNA that presents us with an adventure film and martial arts fights in a movie of those of enjoy a lot.

Today Friday we also have the open premiere of Jungle Cruise, one of those titles that Disney had delayed due to the pandemic and that is an adventure film in the purest and most classic sense of the term, with The Rock and Emily Blunt entering the heart of the Amazon. And to finish Finally alone at home, the remake -or pseudo-sequel- of the quintessential Christmas icon that is Home Alone -although the premiere a bit early, right?

But we continue, because Disney this Friday is crazy: We have Dopesick, a series based on how a single company, Big Pharma, sparked the worst drug addiction epidemic in American history. Plus a short of The Simpsons, two specials about him Marvel MCU -just now that Eternals has hit theaters- and about the iconic Boba Fett, season 2 of The world according to Jeff Goldblum.

Movistar brings the western mega-Kaiju of King Kong vs Godzilla, one of the successes of last summer and that in the US could be seen on the same opening day both in cinemas and in HBO MAX.

And on Amazon Prime Video, continuing with the theme of self-produced sports documentaries, the platform brings us a documentary about one of the best athletes in the history of Spain, Pau Gasol, that this same month he announced his retirement from the basketball courts after playing his last game in March 2019. And for those who follow both the world of heart and music, a docuseries starring Omar montes, one of the Spanish singers of the moment.

Premiere series on Netflix

November 14th

  • The Blacklist, temporada 8

First-run movies on Netflix

12th of November

  • Red alert

Premiere movies on Movistar +

Friday 12

Godzilla vs. Kong

22: 00h in Movistar Premieres 2 (dial 31). The two most iconic kaijus (giant monsters) in the MonsterVerse universe meet again in a titanic combat that unfolds as the fate of the world hangs by a thread in this fourth installment of the cinematic universe developed by Warner Bros., Legendary Entertainment and the Japanese Toho and that brings together mythical kaijus such as Mothra, Ghidorah or Godzilla and Kong themselves.

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Saturday 13

Shorta. The weight of the law

22: 00h at Movistar Premieres (dial 30). Good cop and bad cop descend into suburban hells in this fast-paced thriller about racism, riots, and police brutality. “An exciting cross between ‘Training Day and’ Assault on District 13”, in the words of Variety, with a timely social message that also brings the film closer to other titles such as ‘Les Misérables’ or ‘Riot Riot’.

Premiere documentaries on Movistar +

Friday 12

The sombra of Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell. Three episodes

8:00 p.m. at Movistar Premieres (dial 30). The life of Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the almighty Robert Maxwell, seemed on track from birth, surrounded by luxuries and influential people. Everything changes when the wealthy heiress meets mogul Jeffrey Epstein, a serial sex offender convicted of child trafficking. Ghislaine Maxwell becomes the protagonist of a sordid story of sex trafficking and abuse that includes private islands, mansions or palaces.

Saturday 13

Serengueti. Season 2

17: 32h at # 0 (dial 7). New settings, new plots, but the same spectacular setting. BBC Earth returns to the Serengeti to continue capturing the stories of the most representative animals of the African savannah. This six-episode documentary series immerses us in complex relationships, poignant battles, and the most tender moments that mark the lives of some of nature’s most captivating creatures.

Series premiere on Amazon Prime Video

12th of November

  • S.W.A.T, temporada 4
  • The Black List, temporada 8

Premiere Documentaries on Amazon Prime Video

November 12

  • Pau Gasol: The important thing is the trip
  • The Little Prince is Omar Montes
  • Documental de Always Jane
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Series premiere on Disney +

November 12

  • Intertwined – Season 1
  • Dopesick: story of an addiction

Premiere Movies on Disney +

November 12

  • Shang-Chi and the legend of the 10 Rings
  • Finally alone at home
  • Jungle Cruise in open

Premiere Documentaries on Disney +

November 12

  • Olaf presents – Short film
  • Ciao Alberto – Short film
  • Short The Simpsons – Short Film
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum – Season 2
  • Boba Fett Special – Special
  • UCM Special – Special

Premiere movies on Filmin

November 12


Álex Montoya (“Assembly”) directs this thriller-tinged drama about pedophilia and adolescent anguish that won the award for Best Film in the Zonacine section at the Malaga Film Festival.

Premiere documentaries on Filmin

November 12

We all like bananas

Seven black people residing in Spain film their lives in this work by Rubén H. Bermúdez that reflects on the visibility of the Afro-descendant community in our country.


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