President of Argentina tests positive for COVID-19; was vaccinated in January

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Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina, tested positive for COVID-19 even though he received the vaccine months ago. It was the president who reported that an antigen test was carried out to detect coronavirus after presenting symptoms, so he is currently isolated.

Through his Twitter account, the president shared the news, indicating that after have a fever and headache He chose to perform the antigen test, which was positive, however he is still waiting for the result of a second test, this time PCR.

“Today, after presenting a fever record of 37.3 and a slight headache, I performed an antigen test, which was positive,” he added in his account.

He also indicated: “Although we are awaiting confirmation through the PCR test, I am already isolated, complying with the current protocol and following the instructions of my personal doctor,” he wrote.

The president of Argentina was vaccinated against COVID-19 two months ago, on January 21, with Russia’s injection of Sputnik V. On that occasion the president expressed “Getting vaccinated serves to be immune against the coronavirus. Let’s do it “

Until now, President Alberto Fernández has not had serious complications and it is isolated as recommended. Meanwhile, he asked the population of Argentina to maintain sanitary measures for COVID-19 and asked them to remain alert to official indications, adding that it is “evident that the pandemic did not pass.”

For its part, the Gamaleya Center for Microbiology and Epidemiology of the Russian Ministry of Health, creator of the Sputnik V vaccine, regretted that the president of Argentina has been infected and remembered that your vaccine has a 100% effective against severe COVID-19 symptoms.

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“We are saddened to hear this. Sputnik V is 91.6% effective against infections and 100% effective against severe cases. If the infection is confirmed, the vaccination guarantees a quick recovery without serious symptoms, ”the Center wrote on its Twitter account.

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