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Presumed Innocent Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Raymond Die?
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The recently released Presumed Innocent Episode 6 has fans buzzing with its breathtaking ending. As the trial for the murder of Carolyn Polhemus proceeds, every testimony from the witnesses complicates the plot further. Towards its conclusion, Raymond encounters a fatal incident, leaving the trial attendees and viewers in shock. But did Ray die in the latest chapter of the miniseries?

Towards the end of episode 6, Raymond approaches Michael to question him during the trial but collapses on the floor. It is soon revealed that the attorney had suffered a cardiac arrest.

The episode begins with Dr. Herbert Kumagai’s expert analysis of the case. Kumagai reveals that the attack on Carolyn was sudden and that the victim presumably knew her assailant. However, Raymond manages to neutralize his statements. He also agitates Kumagai, prompting the doctor to inadvertently reveal his hatred for Rusty. Consequently, his biased remarks do little to influence the trial’s outcome.

Through further questioning, Mya extracts the truth about Carolyn’s demeanor towards Tommy from Eugenia. It is disclosed that the late officer had lodged a complaint with HR against Tommy as his presence used to bug her constantly. As a result, Tommy ends up on the list of suspects in the case.

Elsewhere, Barbara and Rusty put up a supportive act in front of the public. However, their deteriorating marriage takes another hit when Barbara reveals her brief affair with Clifton to her husband. Rusty is infuriated and lashes out at his sobbing wife. As the episode approaches its end, Rusty realizes his mistake and tries to make amends.

At the trial, Michael is put on the stand and shares the recordings of Rusty’s visit to his mother’s apartment on the night of the murder. In an attempt to question him, Raymond decides to get up from his chair but ends up falling to the floor due to a cardiac arrest. Before updates regarding his survival could be shared, the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

At the moment, it is unclear if Raymond Horgan dies towards the end of Presumed Innocent Episode 6. The incident rattles all the characters, as Rusty and the police desperately try to revive him on the spot. Raymond’s wife is seen crying and no pulse is detected on the seasoned attorney. Nevertheless, the episode avoids confirming his death, leaving some room for his survival. It is expected that Ray’s life will be saved in the upcoming episodes by supplying him with another charge from the defibrillator.

Having said that, the precise fate of the character remains uncertain at the moment.

In both the Presumed Innocent novel and its 1990 movie adaptation, Raymond Horgan ends up surviving the entire debacle. The original scripture sees Ray actively participate in the trial and side with Rusty throughout. The Harrison Ford-led film also follows the same narrative concerning Raymond’s character. Consequently, Ray avoids death in both the novel and the movie. This could hint towards his possible survival in the ongoing Presumed Innocent series.

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