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‘Pretty Freekin Scary’ Canceled After One Season

Disney Channel has officially canceled its original series Pretty Freekin Scary after just one season. On Sunday, TVLine confirmed the news, following hints from star Eliana Su’a. The supernatural sitcom, now streaming on Disney+, will not produce any new episodes.

Pretty Freekin Scary centered on Frankie Ripp, a 14-year-old girl portrayed by Su’a, who was killed in a freak accident. However, she managed to persuade the Grim Reaper to let her stay in the land of the living. The catch was that two “Underworld guardians,” named Pretty (Kyan Samuels) and Scary (Leah Mei Gold), would accompany her. Frankie must complete tasks for the Grim Reaper to maintain her earthly life while keeping this arrangement secret.

Jason P. Hauser created the series based on an existing product line from American Greetings. The show premiered in June 2023 and aired a 20-episode season. The ensemble cast included Jonas Kibreab, Emma Shannon, Napiera Groves Boykin, Shawn Carter Peterson, Siobhan Murphy, Dennis Cockrum, Jackson Dillinger, Adora Sheikh, Yuvi Hecht, Lisa Arch, Christopher Darga, Tristan Michael Brown, and Fin Carr.

For months, fans speculated about the show’s fate, with social media buzz growing over time. Su’a hinted at the cancellation last week in an Instagram comment. This announcement was the confirmation many fans awaited. Earlier this year, Deadline‘s Drew Ryan also mentioned cancellation rumors, further fueling the speculation.

Pretty Freekin Scary is just one of several recent cancellations. According to TVLine, Disney Channel has also canceled Saturdays and Secrets of Sulphur Springs. Additionally, the network announced that the upcoming season of Bunk’d, starting on July 5, will be its last. The That’s So Raven sequel, Raven’s Home, is also set to conclude, making way for a new spinoff titled Alice in the Palace, focusing on the character Alice (Mykal-Michelle Harris).

While some fans remain hopeful for a potential revival of Pretty Freekin Scary, perhaps on one of Disney’s streaming platforms, there have been no reliable reports confirming such plans. The fan community continues to generate noise online, advocating for the show’s return. For now, audiences can stream the entire first season of Pretty Freekin Scary on Disney+, but no new episodes will be produced.

Source: TVLine, Deadline