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Pretty Woman: The Original Ending of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s Pretty Woman – MAG.

The movie ““Or known in several Latin American countries as” Pretty Woman “, is a romantic comedy which starred the actress Julia Roberts and actor Richard Gere. It was released on March 23, 1991 in the United States and was widely accepted and was considered one of the most viewed films.

Although the success had as director Gary Marshall, there are some details that were unknown about the film and that have been released surprising thousands of people.

In this film, the character Edward Lewis played by the actor Richard Gere, is a businessman who continually travels to Los Angeles and always stays in the suite of the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, one of the most luxurious in the city, but after arguing with his girlfriend, he receives a proposal from his partners so that go to a business meeting with you.

Later, he decides to take a prostitute, named Vivian Ward what is interpreted Julia Roberts, who has some inappropriate behaviors; however, Edward is very attracted to her.

He also decides to buy designer clothes for Vivian so that she can accompany him to social events, but shortly after, they both fall in love, forming a stable couple.

The end of the movie “Pretty Woman” it could have been another that everyone knows, because the script said something else than what was actually recorded.

In conversation with Variety, the actress Julia Roberts He noted that he did not like the original ending of the film and pointed out that he auditioned for a film that was called “3,000” and was the same name as the original script for the 1991 hit. It was written by the then wrestling screenwriter. J.F Lawton, and Patricia Arquette auditioned for the lead role.

She also said that after being chosen for that film they gave her a copy of the original script with the aim of preparing herself in her character, but upon reading she discovered that the end for Vivian was more tragic.

They would throw my character out of the car, I would throw money at her, as payment for her services rendered, and Edward Lewis would drive away, leaving her in a dark and abandoned alley.“, said.

But this change in the ending that could not be seen, was due to the fact that Disney bought the script of the film as a result of the recording studios where it was originally going to be produced went bankrupt and after notifying it that it had been selected it was he was out of work.

Thus, the film was directed by Gary Marshall And it was there that Roberts was offered the role of Vivian again, all of which happened with some changes.

I think because he is a great human being, he met with me because once I had the job and he felt that it would be fair to at least meet me, since I had this job for three days and then I lost it (…) And they changed everything and really became something more in my wheelhouse than it was originally”, He sentenced.

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