Prey: first images of the Predator prequel with a Comanche warrior

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Prey, the prequel to the saga Predator, shares its first images for its final premiere in summer 2022, directly on Hulu through Disney+. This has been announced 20th Century Studios, confirming the final title (the project was known until now as Skulls) and the logo, also offering new information on this new installment of the franchise Predator set 300 years before the original Arnold Schwarzenegger film, in the world of Comanche Nation in North America.

First logo and appearance of the protagonist of Prey

This prequel takes us back to the origins of the Predator saga, focusing on what gives the franchise its true meaning: human hunting. This is how her description defines it well, in which “a skilled warrior who fiercely protects her tribe against a alien predator highly evolved in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago ”. The first images also show us its protagonist, Naru, interpreted by Amber Midhunter.

Prey It is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, author of the hit Cloverfield Street, with a screenplay by Patrick Aison. The main cast is completed with Dakota Beavers and DiLiegro Data; the latter is likely to be in charge of bringing the Predator to life, since he is a regular in American Horror Stories with his roles as a monster.

Let us remember that this same summer, the producers John Davis and John Fox yes they spoke on the possibilities of this prequel at the plot level within the saga: “It goes back to what made the original movie work. It is the ingenuity of a human being who does not give up, who is capable of observing and interpreting, basically being able to defeat a stronger, more powerful person, an armed force ”, alluding to the type of confrontation he proposes.

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Prey will premiere in Disney+ on summer 2022 on a date to be specified.

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