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Price Cut for Ryan Serhant’s Central Park Penthouse After Show Debut

Netflix’s Owning Manhattan showcases the challenges and triumphs of securing prime real estate in New York City, with Ryan Serhant at the helm. After departing from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, Ryan’s new venture on Netflix delves deep into his business, SERHANT, renowned for brokering luxury homes for Manhattan’s elite. However, not all sales come easy.

In the show’s first season, Ryan and his team take on the daunting task of selling a magnificent penthouse in the Central Park Tower. This lavish property is not just any residence; it’s located in the tallest residential tower on the globe. Viewers are left in suspense, questioning whether Ryan managed to close the deal after the season ended.

The series premiered on Netflix on June 28, 2024, and spans eight gripping episodes. One of the main storylines follows Ryan and Jonathan Normolle, one of the show’s standout realtors, as they strive to sell the 17,545 sq. ft. penthouse. With seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, the property is fit for royalty. Ryan even introduced a $10 million incentive for any agent who could secure the sale, setting the stakes high from the very first episode.

However, despite the team’s relentless efforts, the finale reveals that the penthouse remains unsold. The current listing price of the penthouse stands at $195 million, which reflects a $55 million reduction from the initial $250 million asking price featured on Owning Manhattan. This original price was referred to by the developer as "aspirational pricing".

For those curious about experiencing this luxurious abode firsthand, tours can be scheduled through its current listing.

Given the unsold status of the penthouse, Ryan has assured fans that his quest is far from over. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, he mentioned the unpredictable nature of the listing’s status but promised to keep everyone updated on any developments. "I’ll keep you posted," Ryan assured the audience.

The uncertain status of the penthouse sale raises another question: Will there be a second season of Owning Manhattan? Although Netflix has yet to officially announce a renewal, Ryan’s eagerness to continue the journey is clear. He hinted that there were elements and experiences they didn’t get to explore fully in the first season, and he would relish the opportunity to dive deeper into them in a potential future season.

For those who haven’t yet dived into the high-stakes world of Manhattan real estate through the show’s lens, Owning Manhattan is available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Netflix, Entertainment Tonight