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‘Price Is Right’ Fans Demand Answers Following Latest Episode

‘Price Is Right’ Fans Demand Answers Following Latest Episode

Fans of The Price Is Right have recently been left puzzled and a bit annoyed due to a sudden schedule change. Like many other shows, it has entered its summer break period, but there was no prior warning to the viewers. As a result, none of them expected the surprise rerun when they tuned in. Here is more about when The Price Is Right will return to its regular schedule and what you can expect to see airing in the meantime.

On Monday, the network aired a rerun of the beloved game show. Drew Carey walked onto the stage wearing a wrestling costume, while the announcer informed the audience and viewers at home that they were celebrating Halloween. This episode originally aired in October 2023.

Since the rerun was airing in July, many fans were instantly confused about why Halloween was being celebrated months in advance before they realized it was an older episode.

One viewer expressed their confusion on X, sharing a snapshot of Drew Carey in his Halloween costume and questioning the odd timing. Another viewer noted, “Price Is Right seems to be doing a wrestling theme today.”

The Price Is Right is currently on hiatus for the remainder of the summer and will kick off Season 53 in the fall. However, it didn’t leave viewers without some excitement before heading into the summer break.

During Season 52, Drew Carey encountered a unique situation on the game show. At the start of the Fourth of July episode, a contestant named Vintanya accurately guessed the exact dollar amount of a grill’s price. Another contestant, Joseph, guessed $2,000, and Vintanya’s guess was just $1 less, precisely hitting the actual price.

The Price Is Right host was visibly shocked by Vintanya’s correct guess. He shared that it was the first time in his career on the show that he had seen someone bid a dollar under and get the exact price. To celebrate, Carey handed her $500 for her accurate guess, and Vintanya continued playing and eventually won a brand-new Buick SUV.

There were several other surprising moments on The Price Is Right before it took a break. Viewers witnessed a perfect spin on the iconic wheel and numerous prizes were won in recent episodes.

Fans should expect to see reruns of The Price Is Right throughout July and August. The eagerly anticipated Season 53 is set to premiere sometime in September.