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'Price Is Right' Player Collapses, Mom Rushes to Stage

‘Price Is Right’ Player Collapses, Mom Rushes to Stage

The Price is Right recently featured a truly unforgettable moment when a contestant and her mother collapsed to the floor in excitement after a major win. The reaction took the show’s cast by surprise and left everyone in awe.

During the final round, which is always a high-stakes affair, a rare event unfolded. Drew Carey, the show’s host, was guiding the contestants through their final bids for the Showcase Showdown. The first contestant bid on a package including a trip and a car, falling within $5,793 of the actual price. Then came Alexandria’s turn. As she prepared to bid on a hot tub and a trip, she looked to her mother in the audience for guidance.

Her mother suggested a bid of $22,500, and Alexandria trusted her instinct. When Drew revealed that her bid was only $164 away from the actual price, he also added the thrilling detail that being under $250 meant she would win both showcases. Alexandria’s reaction was priceless. She was overwhelmed with joy, repeatedly shouting “What” as she approached the prizes.

In a burst of exuberance, her mother rushed onto the stage and the two embraced before collapsing to the floor. The reaction was so intense that the cast was left stunned. Drew Carey summed up the emotion perfectly, exclaiming, “Wow, what an ending.”

This particular episode also featured other memorable moments. Drew Carey welcomed a PhD student to the stage, engaging in a light-hearted conversation about their educational backgrounds. Drew humorously mentioned that he had been kicked out of college, a stark contrast to the academic pursuits of the student. When Drew jestingly asked what the opposite of a PhD student was, hinting at himself, the student quipped back, “a talk show host?” Drew found the comment hilarious, admitting he felt outsmarted in that instance.

However, not all moments were cheerful. Another contestant faced disappointment while attempting to spin the Big Wheel. Despite Drew Carey’s offer to assist, the contestant couldn’t achieve the necessary full rotations. Drew’s attempts didn’t fare any better, resulting in unfortunate spins that led to her elimination. Drew apologized, but the moment still carried a tinge of regret.

These events showcase the unpredictability and diverse experiences on The Price is Right, keeping viewers entertained. Drew Carey’s charm and quick wit add an extra layer of enjoyment to the show, whether through extraordinary wins, humorous interactions, or unexpected letdowns.

The show continues to be a staple of daytime television, providing both heartwarming and hilarious moments that resonate with its audience.

Source: TVShowsAce