Price of the dollar in Chile today July 22, 2021

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Price of the dollar in Chile today July 22, 2021

The price of the US dollar in Chile for this Thursday, July 22, it remained at $ 755.37 Chilean pesos. For its part, the development unit (UF) was $ 29,749.01, according to the Central Bank of Chile.

As we have mentioned in The Truth News, the value of the dollar in Chile it is determined by a market where different financial institutions operate, and the unit of promotion is the unit of account, readjusted according to inflation, that is used in Chile.

Likewise, it should be added that the Central Bank of Chile is the official body in charge of taking care of the stability of the currency and the proper functioning of the country’s internal and external payments.

The exchange rate is 770.00 Chilean pesos for sale on AFEX, while Inversiones Suiza offers it at $ 771.00. However, the exchange house that offers the cheapest dollar price in Chile is Cambios Santiago with $ 769.00.

The euro is quoted at 888.08 Chilean pesos, today Thursday, July 22, while in Colombia a Chilean peso is quoted at 5.12 Colombian pesos, now the Chilean peso in Mexico is quoted at 0.027, while the Mexican peso is equivalent to 37.38 Chilean pesos .

Finally, it is important to highlight that the Cuban peso is quoted at 31.41 Chilean pesos and the Chilean peso at 0.032 Cuban; now you know how much the official currency of Chile equals in other countries.

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