Primavera Sound arrives in Argentina: when is it and how will ticket sales be?

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The Primavera Sound will have its edition in Buenos Aires. It will be from November 7 to 13. A new concept of urban festival that will seek to integrate with its surroundings to enrich the cultural ecosystem of Buenos Aires.

In order to achieve this objective, it will distribute its activity between several spaces of the city during the week and will transfer its programming to Children’s park weekend.

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Primavera Sound: from Barcelona to the world

The event has already confirmed its stops in The Angels Y Santiago de Chile. The three appointments in the American territory, added to the Barcelona and Porto festivals, continue to complete a musical journey that next year will connect some of the main cities.

Primavera Sound will export the basic pillars that, after 19 editions, distinguish the Barcelona festival: sustainability, gender equality, social commitment and urban integration.

These are important values ​​that guarantee that the impact of the festival as a community with international reach goes beyond the strictly musical.

Artists like Radiohead, Rosalía, Bjork, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, J Balvin, Tame Impala, Blur, LCD Soundsystem, Pulp, Aphex Twin, Sonic Youth, The White Stripes, Patti Smith, among others more than 3000, passed through its stage throughout the editions.

Dua Lipa, Massive Attack, Tame Impala, Gorillaz, Lorde, Megan Thee Stallion, Tame Impala, will be just some of the acts that will headline the festival in different cities around the world throughout 2022.

Tickets for the 2022 edition were sold out in 48 hours. With 11 days of pure music, 500 thousand attendees, 540 concerts and 10 thousand workers, the event was consolidated as the biggest festival in Europe.

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Why bring Primavera Sound to Argentina

“Historically, Buenos Aires has been one of the capitals of pop and rock in CastilianIt is a city that has functioned as an engine to promote many musical currents ”, he said. Gabi Ruiz, director of Primavera Sound.

And he highlighted: “Interacting with a scene in which so many important things have happened is something that especially excites me. We come to integrate ourselves in the city, with both enthusiasm and pride, to be a fundamental part of that engine for the future ”.

When will Primavera Sound tickets be on sale?

Tickets will be on sale in the next few days. The bands and artists that will be on each of the dates will also be known.

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