Prime Video has the 3 classic drama and fantasy movies that will make you spend an unforgettable weekend

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Prime Video It has been in effect for 15 years and, despite the passing of time, it is one of the platforms most chosen by users. During 2020 the on demand service had a very short year in terms of premieres and renovations, but in this 2021 it has raised its head. After the pandemic, the casts returned to producing content that is already available on this streaming service.

However, it should be noted that just like any platform, Prime Video it doesn’t just have original content. This is because, in addition to its own series and films, it also releases some classics that any fan of cinema or fiction should not miss. In fact, there are three classic fantasy drama movies that are ideal for fans of this genre to take advantage of the weekend.

3 classic drama and fantasy movies on Prime Video:

1. The curious case of Benjamin Button:

It is a dramatic film that was released in 2008 and is one of the most remembered performances in Brad Pitt’s career. Although it is almost two and a half hours long, it is one of the most emblematic films in cinema because of how tragic its story is, but how well it is done.

Prime’s official synopsis reads: “This is the story of Benjamin Button, an eighty-year-old man who, instead of getting old, is rejuvenating with the passage of time”.

2. The charm of the Beast:

Released in 2011 this film combines love, fantasy and a few teachings. Ideal to remember the school time and how harmful it can be to believe yourself superior to anyone. Plus, incredible performances from Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary Kate Olsen make the film an ideal weekend classic.

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This is how Prime sums it up: “After a rejected classmate curses him, a teenager will always be ugly until he discovers true love”.

3. The Picture of Dorian Gray:

Based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, it is one of the most important adaptations that the cinema had. Starring Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray, the film was released to the world in 2011 and, even today, it continues to be ranked as one of the most iconic films that combines drama, suspense and a bit of horror.

Prime’s synopsis notes: “Dorian Gray is a very attractive young aristocrat who, after having spent a lonely adolescence in the country, returns to London, where he has inherited a mansion. Attracted by the nightlife, he immerses himself in it at the hands of Lord Henry Wottom, who leads him to the most remote dens of the city. His obsession to achieve eternal youth prompts him to make a diabolical pact”.

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