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primer vistazo a The Riddler

The Batman, the movie of Matt Reeves centered on Dark Knight tops virtually every production chart expected by superhero fans and some moviegoers. Starring Robert pattinson, will suppose a new version of the masked man after what was the presentation of Ben Affleck, who will return with his character to the film of Flash developed by Andy Muschietti.

Set in the second year of Bruce Wayne What Batman, the movie of Reeves will face the hero of Gotham with The Riddler. The character, who has already appeared in the cinema by the hand of Jim Carrey, will be embodied by Paul Dano. With this information and the promise of a much darker film, fans are eager to see what will become of this character.

This day, Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled two new official posters of The Batman. The first is carried out by the central figure of the film, in an image that closely resembles some previously seen. The second has it to Paul Dano in his version of The Riddler in what was the first official image of the character.

Until now, Edward Nashton had only appeared through voices in off but little was known about him. It is worth noting that those who did appear were other figures from the universe of Batman, What The Penguin from Colin Farrell. There had also been a small approach to the new incarnation of Gatubela, this time played by Zoë Kravitz.

Paul Dano’s movie that showed his potential as a villain

Those who want to see The Batman and do not bear in mind the career of Paul Dano they may fear for what this actor may give. To bring them peace of mind, you have to tell them that you have great roles, such as those seen in Little Miss Sunshine o en Ruby Sparks. But if it comes to thinking of him as a dark character, there is one case where he stood out.

On Prisoners, film Dennis Villeneuve, Damage was commissioned to play a withdrawn young man who becomes the main suspect for the disappearance of two children. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman and you can find it in Prime Video. There you will see a great approach to the potential that this 37-year-old actor has to carry out highly complex acting constructions.

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