‘Primetime’: production of Star + exclusive series ended

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Star + announced the end of filming for “Primetime”, a journalistic thriller from Star Original Productions created by the filmmakers Mariano Cohn and Gaston duprat. Produced by Estudios Teleméxico, the new series tells the story of a famous television journalist while covering a resounding police case in which he is secretly involved. Actors and actresses lead the cast of the new production Oscar Jaenada (Ramiro del Solar), Dominika Paleta (Bernarda Díaz), Maya Zapata (Julia Torrado), Ela Velden (Jimena del Solar), Pamela Almanza (Alexia Valle) and Alejandro Camacho (Álvaro Lima).

Recorded in different locations in Mexico, “Primetime” follows Ramiro del Solar (Jaenada), a prestigious television journalist with a long history of resounding and revealing coverage who has managed to keep his private life free of media scandals. However, when his lover accidentally dies during one of the couple’s encounters, Ramiro sets out to hide his passage through the victim’s life, terrified of everything he has to lose. When the investigation becomes complicated, the journalist uses his ability to divert the data in front of the public opinion and try to get away with it, revealing his manipulative and immoral nature.

In a suspenseful tone, the story will connect with fans of police series and political-media dramas, revealing behind the scenes in the setting of the media agenda and the complex web that runs through it. The Mexican social situation, the precarious situation of forensics in the country and the problem of missing persons are other issues that are addressed in the plot and subplots of the series.

They complete the cast of “Primetime” the actors and actresses Iliana Fox (Eva), Mauricio Isaac (Silver), Luis Urrieta (Sami) and Juan Carlos Vives (Alfonso León), with the special participation of White War (Delia Valle) and Silverio Palacios (Pacheco).

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Composed of ten 45-minute episodes, “Primetime” It is directed by Luis Urquiza from a script by Norma Lazo. With a high level of production, the series highlights the technical and artistic talent that exists in Latin America, while being an example of the attractive range of audiovisual proposals with international projection, created by prominent professionals in the film and television industry in the region.

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