Prince Charles’s snub of his grandson Archie has Prince Harry and Meghan Markle disgruntled

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The Prince carlos is clear about his plans when he inherits the royal throne from his mother, the Queen isabel II. Although it is not known when he will take power, as it will happen when His Majesty abdicates or dies, the 72-year-old Prince of Wales plans to reduce the monarchy after becoming king of England. For this, he will make sure that his grandson, Archie Harrison, 2, eldest son of prince harry Y Meghan Markle, never be a prince.

This was announced by The Mail on Sunday of the United Kingdom. The report states that Archie will have no place among the front-line royals when his grandfather assumes the throne. The move has outraged the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, although it is believed to have come about in the wake of allegations they have made. Harry y Meghan al Prince carlos and the Royal family since your stay in the United States.

A grandson of the sovereign has the right to be prince, but Charles is determined to limit the number of key royals, as he believes that the British public does not want to pay for an ever-expanding monarchy. A source close to the couple told the British tabloid that the Prince of Wales will change legal documents to make sure that Archie cannot obtain the title that he would have once inherited by right.

“Harry and Meghan were told that Archie would never be a prince, even when Charles became king,” confirmed the source. The full details of Prince Charles’s plan for a reduced monarchy have never been revealed. However, it is speculated that only the heirs to the throne and their immediate families will receive full titles, financial support from the public purse through the Sovereign Grant, and taxpayer-funded police protection.

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It is said that Harry and Meghan would not be the only ones affected by Carlos’ intentions. His younger brother, the Prince Andrew, Duke of York, would also disagree because his daughters, the princess beatrice and the princess eugenie They would not enjoy the security or benefits that the main members of the royal family have, who would be Carlos and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, their eldest son the prince William, Kate Middleton and the couple’s three children: prince George, princess charlotte Y prince louis.


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