Prince Harry got mad at a series and it’s not The Crown

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Despite the fact that in the first year it went unnoticed, as seasons were added, The Crown it became a nagging headache for the British royal family. It is that, without measuring the consequences, the series created by Peter Morgan showed the worst tragedies of the Windsors without any hesitation.

So much so that, more than once, several members of the monarchy expressed their anger with The Crown. In fact, at the moment, the only one not to speak about it is still Queen Elizabeth II since even Prince Harry gave his opinion on this series. Although in the first instance the duke said that he looks at it and that it is fiction, but “is based on reality”, He also made an express request.

For both him and his brother, Prince William, the years after the death of their mother, Lady Di, were tragic. That is why, for the Duke of Sussex it was vitally important that this is not reflected in The Crown, request that, of course, the production did not listen. And, for this very reason, Harry is one of those offended by this strip.

Princes William and Harry in the last goodbye to their mother. Photo: (Getty)

However, now, Prince Charles’ youngest son was the first to publicly react to The Prince. This animated comedy was created by Gary Janetti for HBO Max and parodies, in a disrespectful and insensitive way, the life of Prince George, Prince William’s first-born son. According to what this production recounts, the great-grandson of Elizabeth II is a true social network snob, who frightens his staff and only pays attention to the Queen.

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And so Prince Harry couldn’t help but talk about it about The Prince since he despises the figure of his young nephew. While he was not the one who expressed himself, Janetti revealed during an interview that the duke was the first to give his opinion. Although he did not get into the plot, he did state what he thinks about the fact that Orlando Bloom, his friend, is the one who voices his character.

I don’t know if Harry said anything to Orlando about his participation, but I know from before the show opened that he was surprised that he was doing it. Equally, I found that it put a bit of humor in his thoughts.”Said the creator of The Prince. Also, Gary confessed that his intention is not to maliciously attack royalty and that this is something that he made very clear to Prince Harry.

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