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Prince Harry Set for Major TV Interview

The royal brothers are ready for their close-up.

Prince William is set to star in an upcoming docuseries, and now it has been reported that Prince Harry is taking part in a televised interview featured in an upcoming ITV program titled *Tabloids on Trial*, which airs on July 25.

According to reports, the Duke of Sussex discusses his “mission to continue his fight to expose the illegal tactics of Britain’s tabloid press.” Prince Harry is joined in the project by other notable figures such as Hugh Grant, Charlotte Church, and Paul Gascoigne.

Prince Harry Interview Image

This will be the first interview Prince Harry has participated in since he settled a phone-hacking lawsuit with the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) in February of this year. The 39-year-old royal accused the publication of using unlawful methods for their reporting. In December 2023, a high court judge awarded the duke £140,600 in damages after ruling that Harry’s phone was hacked “to a modest extent” from 2003 to 2009.

Prince William New Docuseries

This news comes after it was confirmed that Prince William will make an appearance in the upcoming television special *Prince William: We Can End Homelessness*. The two-part ITV documentary will center around the Prince of Wales’s five-year initiative, Homewards, which aims to put a stop to homelessness throughout the U.K.

The docuseries, which is coming to the small screen this fall, will revolve around the formation of the charity as well as personal stories from people facing homelessness in the U.K.

Prince Harry’s new interview is a significant step as it highlights his ongoing battle against the practices of the tabloid press. His decision to address these issues on a public platform indicates his commitment to exposing the problems he has faced. When discussing this mission, Harry aligns himself with other public figures who have also dealt with invasive media practices.

Meanwhile, Prince William’s upcoming docuseries showcases how the royal family is dealing with pressing social issues. The initiative to end homelessness reflects a broad social commitment and offers a hopeful message. Through this project, William aims to bring about tangible change by spotlighting homelessness and the steps needed to address it.

Both brothers appear to be using their roles to influence public discussion and bring to light critical issues. Prince Harry’s interview will likely reignite discussions on journalistic ethics and privacy invasion, while Prince William’s focus on homelessness signals a dedication to social causes, showing a multi-faceted approach to their public engagements.

The ITV program *Tabloids on Trial* promises to be a revealing look into the often contentious relationship between the British press and public figures. With the inclusion of Prince Harry and other celebrities, viewers are expected to gain insight into the personal impacts of press malpractice.

In the same vein, *Prince William: We Can End Homelessness* provides a humanizing lens on a pervasive social issue, with stories that bring attention to the initiative aiming to eradicate homelessness. Both events, although different in focus, underline the broader missions of both princes to address issues of public concern.

As these projects unfold, they are likely to draw significant attention, not only because of the royal involvement but also due to the pressing nature of the topics they address. These initiatives showcase how members of the royal family can leverage their public profiles to effect meaningful social change and foster public debate on important issues.

Source: Hello Magazine!, The Guardian