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Prince Harry Should Admit 'Spare' Was a 'Mistake' for Royal Comeback, Butler Says

Prince Harry Should Admit ‘Spare’ Was a ‘Mistake’ for Royal Comeback, Butler Says

There are many who argue that Prince Harry is no longer welcome in senior royal life due to “spilling royal secrets.” This is why Meghan Markle’s husband is not considered an active member of the British royal family.

However, a former royal butler believes there might be a way for the Duke of Sussex to reconnect with the Palace.

“The only way I see this happening is if Harry makes a public statement. He would need to come out and admit that he was in a bad space and that [Spare] was a mistake. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Some bad things were said, and some families never patch things up, and that’s how it is forevermore,” Grant Harrold, King Charles III’s ex-butler, mentioned, according to The New York Post.

Harrold also added, “Harry has got a big heart, and a part of him probably wishes things would be different.”

Revealing royal life information in exchange for money is explicitly banned in the House of Windsor. This rule covers both staff members and royalty. A famous example is Marion Crawford, who was a governess to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret in the 1940s. After retiring, she wrote a picture book about her charges, which led to her being ostracized from royal life for the rest of her days.

Similarly, Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson were excluded from royal life after Edward abdicated the throne to marry Simpson. However, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II funded their lavish lifestyle in Paris, France.

Analysts and sources close to the royal family view Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as “an entirely different phenomenon.” Their ability to forge their own success story, albeit by leveraging royal imagery, sets them apart from prior royal controversies.

New ventures with Netflix, Meghan’s brand launch, film premieres, numerous appearances, and a “faux royal tour” have kept the couple busy. Though their schedule is hectic, British royal courtiers consider the couple’s constant public presence to be chaotic.

“Buckingham Palace would prefer that Harry and Meghan retire into quiet obscurity, but that’s not going to happen. They are private citizens, so they cannot be banned from going or not going anywhere,” royal editor Tom Sykes stated, according to Express UK.

Sykes also noted, “The idea of Harry and Meghan going on a world tour, to Australia or anywhere else, is the stuff of nightmares for Buckingham Palace because it effectively sets up a rival royal court.”

Business Times has reached out to Prince Harry for comments.

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Source: Business Times, The New York Post, Express UK