“Prince of Wales Takes Exciting Oath Kneeling Before His Father: A Historic Moment!”

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The Coronation Ceremony of Carlos and Camilla

The coronation ceremony of Carlos and Camilla from the United Kingdom has transported us to the Middle Ages, the origin of this religious service that has taken place in Westminster Abbey and whose liturgy has remained practically unchanged for centuries.

Prince William’s Blood Tribute

One of the most exciting moments of what is already the great royal event of the year has been the so-called blood tribute in which Prince William has knelt before his father and has sworn an oath of allegiance. Placing his hands between the King’s and kneeling before him as if he were a man feudal it was, William of England has said: “I William, Prince of Wales, pledge my allegiance to you and will give you faith and truth, as your lord of life and body. So help me God.”

Prince William’s Attire for the Coronation

For this important day in his life, the Prince of Wales has dressed in the gala uniform of the Welsh Guard. The gold thread embroidery on the collar, cuffs and back skirts has been done by hand. He has also worn the gold, diamond and platinum Jubilees medals of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William’s Role in the Coronation Ceremony

Prince William has also had a significant role at the beginning of the service, where he has placed the King, with the help of Baroness Brown and the assisting bishops, the royal robe to the monarch. The Prince of Wales has been responsible for putting the finishing touch.

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William of England’s Homage to Royal Blood

William of England has been the only member of the British Royal Family and of the nobility who has paid homage to royal blood. When Elizabeth II was crowned, the now King was four years old and although he was the heir to the throne, he was not prepared to play a role of this dimension.

The Coronation of Charles and its Significance for Prince William

The coronation of Charles is also very important for William of England, first in the line of dynastic succession, since it is the staging of his role as Prince of Wales, a title inherent to the heir to the British Crown. Although he has been exercising this role for eight months, the coronation has been one more gesture that legitimizes him as a future monarch.

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