Prince William and Kate Middleton spoke with their son George about his future as King of England

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The prince William Y Kate Middleton they brought their eldest son, the prince George, 7, about his future as King of England. The boy, the eldest of three siblings, is the third in line to the throne and will replace his father when he leaves the British throne. His childhood is being totally different from other children his age and it is expected that this will be the case throughout his life.

In a new chapter of his updated book “Battle of Brothers” released Thursday, royal author Robert Lacey recounted that William and Kate spoke to the boy “sometime around his seventh birthday” in July 2020.. The royal couple has not revealed to the world how and when they gave the big news to their firstborn, but that moment has already taken place inside their residence.

The Duke of Cambridge’s goal as a father has always been to give his son a normal family upbringing, but he can’t get away from his royal commitments and all the protocol that characterizes British royalty. Lacey wrote that William did not want his son to go through the same thing as him, where due to ignorance “his real destiny had been spinning in his head from the beginning.”

If the conversation of William y Kate It took place during George’s seventh birthday as the biographer says, it means that the boy did not know that he was a future king when he posed in the photograph of the four monarchs in December 2019 with his great-grandmother, the Queen isabel II, 95, his grandfather, the Prince carlos, 72, and his father William, 39. His Majesty has always tried to include the boy in the most important events of the family.

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According to insiders, the formal photograph taken in London’s Buckingham Palace Throne Room a week before Christmas 2019 was the idea of ​​Prince Charles, eager to further his cause of the “slimmed down monarchy.” In 2020 it became known that George knew he was “very different” from his siblings, the princess charlotte, 6, and the prince louis, 3, because he is often invited to spend time with his great-grandmother and grandfather.


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