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Prince William and Princess Catherine’s Youngest Prince Louis Breaking the Promise of the Upper Class?

Speaking of Prince William and Prince George, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Catherine, they are third in succession to the throne after Prince Charles and Prince William. Although he will become king in a few decades, the couple are said to have been raised without distinction from their eldest daughter, Princess Charlotte, and their second son, Prince Louis. However, the Australian magazine has recently paid attention to a certain point. “It’s a little tough on Prince George,” he said.

“It seems sweet to the little Prince Louis, especially when it comes to clothing,” said the Australian magazine.

The Australian magazine “New Idea” focuses on the recently released Christmas card photo of the Prince William family. The family’s “total coordination” was also a hot topic, but from a certain point, he mentioned the couple’s child-rearing policy.

The point is the length of the trousers worn by Prince Louis. If you look closely at the prince smiling in the center, he is already wearing long pants. In Britain, where the class system remains, there is an “unwritten rule” in which upper class children wear shorts until they are 5 to 8 years old, and the royal family is no exception.

Royal etiquette expert William Hanson once told the English magazine Harper’s Bazaar UK that upper-class children are considered “dumb” to wear long trousers. Long trousers belong to grown-up boys and adult men, and having young boys wear shorts is “one of the implicit distinctions between their class and other classes.”

Prince William and Prince Henry, who are two years old, are also seen lined up in long trousers and shorts in the official scene of their childhood. However, in photos that show private activities such as outdoor activities, he still wears casual long trousers like Prince Louis.

For this reason, it is a little delicate whether Prince Louis, who turned two years old this year, is wearing casual long pants as “unusual” or “exception”. It depends on the possibility of being a “promise” limited to formal trousers (slacks) and whether you consider the Christmas card to be an official place.

By the way, “New Ideas” magazine explained that Prince George first wore trousers (on the official occasion) when he was a page boy at Prince Henry’s wedding just before he was five years old. “It seems sweet, especially when it comes to dressing young Prince Louis,” he said.

A Christmas card that conveys warmth to people’s hearts. While the family is dressed in winter clothes, it seems strange in terms of total coordination that only Prince Louis is wearing shorts. Is it an “exception” or is it due to the theory of “sweet to the youngest”? Or is it too much to think about appealing to the open royal family for the people by casually breaking the “promise”?

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