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Prince William Discusses Princess Anne's Hospitalization After Accident – Video

Prince William Discusses Princess Anne’s Hospitalization After Accident – Video

Princess Anne suffered a terrible accident last month, resulting in her spending several days in the hospital after being airlifted from her Gatcombe Park home.

Not much is known about the incident, other than Anne “sustained minor injuries and concussion” after possibly being hit by a horse while out walking within her estate. © Getty
Princess Anne left the hospital a week ago and has been recuperating at her Gatcombe home

In this week’s episode of A Right Royal Podcast, hosts Andrea Caamano, Emmy Griffiths, and HELLO!’s royal editor Emily Nash talk to Sky’s Royal Correspondent Rhiannon Mills about the latest royal news, including the Princess Royal’s incident which has forced her out of royal duties for a while as she continues to recuperate.

In the episode, which you can listen to above, Rhiannon opens up about the days following the hospitalization and recalls a video, which you can watch below, taken during the State Visit in honor of the Emperor and Empress of Japan. The video seemed to show Prince William talking to the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh about what exactly happened to Anne.

“I don’t know whether you spotted this, because you may not have seen this footage, but at the State Visit, there was the moment where the King and the Queen were showing the Emperor and Empress a variety of things from the Royal Collection, and over their shoulder, I was watching the footage back, and you could see this little group that was the Duchess of Edinburgh, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince William in the middle, and they seem to be having this quite intense conversation,” Rhiannon explained, before adding: “Then all of a sudden, Prince William almost whacked himself in the face, and I thought, ‘Oh, hang on, they were talking about Anne.’ Now, look, I haven’t had it confirmed, but it was literally the day after. It looked pretty much like they were talking about it.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Rhiannon and Emily explain the royal family’s role during an election, as well as how the King will welcome a new Prime Minister and a new government this week. They also discuss why the relationship between the monarch and the PM is so special.

Source: HELLO!, Sky’s Royal Correspondent