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Prince William Returns to Anglesey, His and Kate's First Home Together

Prince William Returns to Anglesey, His and Kate’s First Home Together

The Prince of Wales took a trip down memory lane as he returned to his former air base in Anglesey, North Wales.

William, who lived on the island as a newlywed with his wife the Princess of Wales, was stationed at the RAF Valley from 2010 to 2013 when he served as an RAF search and rescue pilot.

On Tuesday he was given a warm welcome at the base in his new role as Royal Honorary Air Commodore, a position he took over from his father King Charles in August last year.

The site is the RAF’s only station in Wales and is home to the No 4 Flying Training School, responsible for training the UK’s next generation of fighter pilots. Crews at the base are also trained for mountain and maritime operations across the world.

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Prince William was given a warm welcome as he arrived for his official visit. Braving the rain, the royal stepped out with a smile, dressed in a navy suit, a striped tie, and a crisp shirt.

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Despite the grey clouds and rain, Prince William could be seen laughing as he shared a light-hearted moment with a member of RAF Valley.

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Source: HELLO! Magazine