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Prince William Shares Emotional Response After England’s Win Against Slovakia

The Prince of Wales has shown his unwavering support for England’s 2024 Euro squad with a heartfelt message. Following the team’s 2-0 victory against Slovakia, Prince William took to Instagram to express his excitement. “Emotional rollercoaster! Let’s go @england! Quarter finals here we come! W,” he wrote.
Prince William celebrated England’s big win on Sunday

Known for his passion for football, Prince William has been a steadfast supporter of the Three Lions. As the President of the Football Association, his involvement has been significant, particularly in recent weeks.

Following a 1-1 draw with Denmark in Frankfurt on June 20th, England captain Harry Kane and his squad received a morale boost in the dressing room from Prince William himself.
The royal is a passionate football fan

Midfielder Adam Wharton reflected on the royal’s visit, sharing, “He was just trying to keep us all positive. He was saying it’s not the end of the world.” Wharton added, “We were thinking, ‘We’re still top of the group, we didn’t lose, we got a draw, we’ve just got to reflect on the game, see how we can get better and look forward to the next game.’ That’s all you can do in tournament football.”

Before the team set off for the tournament, Prince William made a surprise visit to St George’s Park, England’s national football centre in Burton upon Trent. As a dedicated Aston Villa fan, he presented shirts to the England men’s squad.

The future king made the trip solo, as the Princess of Wales was undergoing cancer treatment, and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, were unable to join due to school commitments.
Prince William at St. George’s Park ahead of Euro 2024

Upon arrival, Prince William admitted, “Guys, I was thinking on the way here, what could I say that could help?” He recounted a conversation with his children during the school run. “I said, ‘What should I say to the England team?’ The best advice I got was to eat twice the amount you would normally eat. I then had visions of you all running around with massive tummies and stitches on the pitch. Maybe take my youngest’s advice with a pinch of salt.”

He continued, “The biggest thing I’ve learned from coming and seeing you guys over the years, every England dressing room I’ve been into – the togetherness.” Prince William highlighted the unity instilled by coach Gareth Southgate, recognizing how the players fight for each other, play for each other, and take pride in wearing the England shirt.

“I just want you guys to know how much it means to everyone back here that you go out there, give it your all, play for your shirt, play for each other, play for your country because everyone is behind you and really care about what you’re going to do.”

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