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Prince William wows with stylish £185 accessory at Euro 2024 match

Prince William wows with stylish £185 accessory at Euro 2024 match

Prince William, aged 42, showcased his diplomatic flair in fashion during England’s Euro 2024 quarter-final match against Switzerland last Saturday. Dressed smartly in a navy blue suit paired with a white shirt and a blue patterned tie, the future king’s choice of accessory caught the eye of many royal enthusiasts.

On closer inspection, it was revealed that William’s £185 tie, adorned with football prints, was a creation of Italian fashion house Ferragamo. The tie, featuring footballs and goal posts, formed an optical illusion, creating a geometric pattern – a fitting choice for a football enthusiast such as William. The Prince of Wales, who is an avid Aston Villa fan, also holds the position of President of the FA.

Interestingly, Ferragamo appears to be a favorite in the royal household. The Princess of Wales has been seen carrying a clutch from the same brand, which she debuted during her Caribbean tour with William in 2022.

During the tense match, William and his equerry were seen sharing a light moment, amused by a sign held by a Swiss fan that read, “God Save The Cheese.” Post-match, a delighted William tweeted, “Nail biting to the very end. Well done @England! Semi-finals here we come! We believe. W.”

William continued to celebrate England’s victory by congratulating the players in the tunnel. Photographs captured him shaking hands and embracing stars like Bukayo Saka, John Stones, and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Prince William’s appreciation for novel accessories seems to run in the family. His uncle, the Duke of Edinburgh, is known for his quirky collection of ties. In 1999, on his wedding day to Sophie Rhys Jones, Prince Edward sported a purple cat-print tie. His unique collection also includes ties with frogs, swans, jockey themes for race days, and other whimsical designs.

The novelty tie tradition is seemingly carried on by Edward’s son, James, Earl of Wessex, who was spotted wearing a rabbit-print tie on Easter Sunday.

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