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Prince William's Viral Scooter Ride Proves He's in Peak Dad Era

Prince William’s Viral Scooter Ride Proves He’s in Peak Dad Era

Prince William’s affinity for motorbikes and crash helmets stems from his childhood, a passion that enabled him to remain incognito and avoid public scrutiny (via Express). This interest evolved well into his adulthood, often intertwining with his royal responsibilities. Upon passing his driver’s test at the age of 19, William partook in a charity ride around South Africa in 2008 and frequently visited bike factories and competitions during his royal engagements. Despite concerns from Kate Middleton and the royal family, William continued this hobby enthusiastically — until 2017.

Reflecting on his decision to quit his cherished pastime, William cited a touching rationale: his family. “I’m a father of three, I have to tone it down,” he explained. Two years prior, Kate Middleton had expressed her concern, describing motorbike riding as a hazardous activity she hoped their son George would not emulate.

William’s recent preference for a scooter over a motorbike is a poignant testament to his focus on his family, particularly Kate and King Charles, as they navigate their concurrent cancer diagnoses. This lighter mode of transport has earned him the affectionate moniker “Prince of Wheels.” Despite the humor, any serious criticism of William’s scooter choice is unwarranted. Onward, Your Highness.

Source: Express