“Princess Amalia of the Netherlands adds a royal touch of mischief by sporting a special jewel to catch her mother’s eye”

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The younger generations of royalty have been making a presence at important events, and Princess Amalia of the Netherlands is no exception. She attended the reception prior to the coronation of Carlos III with Queen Beatriz, following in the elegant footsteps of her predecessors, particularly her grandmother and mother.

Princess Amalia coordinated with her grandmother’s navy blue outfit, choosing a double-breasted, wide-legged suit jacket from the Italian firm Marina Rinaldi. The highlight of her look, however, was the pendant she wore as a tribute to her mother, Queen Máxima. The pendant is actually a brooch that Máxima has worn on special occasions, including her coronation day and Queen Beatriz’s abdication. The 36-carat ‘Stuart’ diamond has a unique history and has been in the Netherlands since the end of the 17th century when it arrived from India thanks to Governor William of Orange and his wife, Princess Mary.

The younger generation of royals is making their mark on the monarchy by showcasing their own individual style while still paying homage to their predecessors. Princess Amalia’s tribute to her mother through her choice of jewelry highlights the importance of family and tradition in the royal family.

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