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Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent Surprise at Royal Tour with King and Queen

Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent Surprise at Royal Tour with King and Queen

King Frederik and Queen Mary recently embarked on a royal tour of Greenland and delighted fans with two unexpected companions: their 13-year-old twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

The official schedule for the Danish monarch and his consort, which concludes on July 6, didn’t include the presence of their younger children. Thus, their involvement in the royal engagements came as a charming surprise.

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine joined their parents on a boat trip to Qeqertarsuaq. During this outing, they played an active role in installing a new whale microphone for scientific Arctic research.

The entire Danish royal family dressed warmly for the cold climate, donning puffer jackets, gloves, and beanie hats. Their attire emphasized both functionality and style, ensuring they were well-prepared for the chilly weather.

In the city of Qeqertarsuaq, the royal twins took part in a family fun day. They joined local residents in a football match and a mile race, underscoring their love for sports—a passion they share with their parents.

The twins, along with their elder siblings Crown Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, often participate in their father’s Royal Run event in Denmark, further highlighting their athletic inclinations. In 2020, Frederik and Mary even shared videos of their children practicing their serves on the tennis court, showcasing their family’s enthusiasm for the sport.

Since Frederik ascended to the throne in January following Queen Margrethe’s abdication, Vincent and Josephine have made more public appearances. They joined their parents and elder siblings on the palace balcony during the proclamation ceremony and have been part of significant family events.

In May, the twins were present at Frederik’s 56th birthday celebrations at Frederik VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg. Ahead of the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament, King Frederik took a photo with Vincent and Josephine in matching Danish football kits. Josephine also joined her father at the England vs. Denmark match in Germany, where they were seen chatting with the Prince of Wales.

Frederik and Mary recently celebrated another milestone: Crown Prince Christian’s graduation from high school. This joyous occasion saw the entire royal family, including Vincent and Josephine, in attendance.

Princess Isabella, 17, is gearing up for her final year at Øregård Gymnasium in Hellerup, while Prince Vincent continues his education at Tranegårdskolen. This past August, Princess Josephine started 6th grade at Kildegård Private School, although the palace has not disclosed the reasons for her school transfer.

In conclusion, the Danish royal family continues to charm both the nation and royal enthusiasts around the world with their various public appearances and family activities. The inclusion of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine in the Greenland tour added a delightful element of surprise and highlighted the close-knit nature of the royal family.

Source: Getty, Instagram/Kongehuset