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Dating Ukrainian women is what many Western men dream of. These girls are considered to be some of the most beautiful, caring, and loving wives. That’s why so many men around the world dream of meeting a Ukrainian woman.

How to date a Ukrainian woman to win her heart? What are the top platforms for that? And what are the dating a Ukrainian woman tips that actually work? Read this extensive guide to learn.


What is the best Ukraine dating site?

To date a Ukraine girl, you first need to find her. These are the best websites to meet Ukraine ladies. 

Sign UpFreeFreeFree
👍Ease of Use⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Visits per moth477.4K76.3K50K
👩Avg. girls onlineOver 10000Over 2000Over 3000
💰Welcome Bonus20 +10 Credits 2000 Credits4 Free Vouchers
📹Girl’s videosNoYesYes

Let’s shortly review their main services.


  • 20 + 10 free welcome credits;
  • Chat and letters;
  • Ability to send real presents.

Dating Ukrainian ladies is easy with BravoDate thanks to its rich female users′ base and interaction tools to make contact. Right after free registration, you become a free basic member. What’s more, you receive a Welcome package of 20 credits to test all the site’s features and understand how good the platform can be for you.

After these credits expire, you need to purchase more to continue using the website. The price starts at $2.99 for 20 credits. With them, you can chat, send letters, order flowers and present delivery, view hidden profile photos and videos, and more.


  • Ability to attach photos to letters for free;
  • Constant notifications;
  • Day and night background mode of the site.

TheLuckyDate is a site used mainly by foreigners who want to date a Ukraine woman. It has a pleasant minimalistic design and modern interface. The number of buttons to click is limited, which means it’s impossible to get lost on the platform, even for a newbie.

The main ways to set up contact with Ukrainian girlfriends are chat and letters. You can attach photos in letters for free, in chat—it will cost you 1000 credits for a photo. In chat, there’s also an option to send audio and video messages, but it’s still in beta testing and limited for some users.

To surf the website’s features without any limits, you need to buy credits. The package of 2000 credits will cost you $2.99.


  • Free Likes and Winks; 
  • Chatting and letters; 
  • Extended search.

If you dream of dating women from Ukraine, JollyRomance might be one of the good platforms for that. Here, ladies search for foreigners to establish various kinds of connections.

The typical set of communication tools is spiced up with a few extra services that add to the quality of interaction on the platform. For example, you can send real presents to your girlfriend or set up a real date.

If you’re not dating any Ukraine girl from the site yet, you can flirt with ladies with the Likes, Winks, or People section. To explore all the users, find new faces, or monitor what happens in your girl’s life, head to NewsFeed. There, members add photos from everyday life, share their thoughts, etc.

Unlimited usage of JollyRomance requires credits. The cheapest option is 20 credits for $2.99.


  • NewsFeed with all the latest activity on the site;
  • People section for a quick flirt;
  • Ability to set up real dates.

AmourFactory is a platform that has many Ukraine girls for dating. While registering, they provide their IDs to prove their age and personality. Those girls who do that get a Validated badge on their profiles. This way, you know you chat with a genuine lady.

To communicate, opt for a chat or letters, these are the main interaction tools on the site. Both in chat and letters, you can attach pictures to add colors to your conversation. To use both of the services, you’ll need credits. They’re sold in packs, and the price of the cheapest is $2.99 for 20 credits.


  • CamShare to see a lady on cam;
  • Call services;
  • Say Hi feature with creative icebreakers.

This is a good platform for international dating, especially if dating Ukrainian girls is your focus. The majority of female users here add professionally shot photos to their profiles and all the details a potential partner might need for dating.

Among the main communication tools, you’ll find chat, CamShare, call services. Additionally, there are EMF mails, admirers, and presents’ delivery.

To use all of the services without limits, you’ll need to purchase credits. The price for them starts at $3.99 for 2 credits.


  • Live Streams;
  • People section;
  • Flowers and presents delivery.

If you seek Ukraine women for dating, this site might be an option because of the big users base and helpful tools to establish contact.

The majority of members on the platform are Validated, which means they’ve provided their IDs to prove age and personality. Ladies make their profiles descriptive enough with all the key details and add nice pictures. Though, some photos are hidden and available only for a certain price in credits.

Besides such typical communication tools as chat, you can benefit from Streams. Girls stream themselves on cam and communicate with their viewers orally or in chat. Streams are free to join, and writing in a chat also costs nothing. You only pay for donation stickers that are voluntary to send.

What to know about dating a Ukrainian woman?

If you’re about to date a beautiful girl from Ukraine, there are certainly a few things to know to make your time together pleasant and memorable for both. Ukrainian dating culture might be different from the one you’re used to, that’s why learning a few specifics about locals will do no harm.


Ukraine women don’t enjoy dating long. 

For the majority of ladies in Ukraine, the fact you’re dating means you both consider each other for creating a family in the future. So when it comes to a long relationship, almost all girls in Ukraine expect a proposal after some time.

Caring is loving

Women in Ukraine are extremely caring. They love taking care of their boyfriends and husbands. If you date a girlfriend from Ukraine, you’ll always be dressed well, fed, and warmed.

You’re expected to pay for her in the restaurant.

Or any time you go out together. In Ukraine, splitting the bill isn’t a regular thing. By paying for your Ukrainian girl, you show you can provide for her and for the family.

Girls in Ukraine love gifts.

One of the wisest Ukraine women dating advice is to pamper her with small things no matter what. They expect at least flowers for all the “big dates” you have in your couple and small surprises for no reason. Bring her a cake or perfume—she’ll be happy with any variant.

Men are supposed to lead.

According to Ukrainian dating customs, it’s you who make the first steps, ask out, say words of love, etc. What’s more, if your girlfriend doesn’t tell you words of love, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. She just waits for you to be open about your feelings first.

Is it easy to date a Ukraine girl?

Yes, dating a Ukrainian girlfriend isn’t only easy but also pleasant. When you know how to approach a lady, what she expects from you, and how to impress her, possible cultural differences won’t be an issue for you.

And considering the fact how beautiful and loving Ukrainian girls are, dating such a lady might be the best thing in your life.


Pros and cons of dating a Ukrainian woman

Naturally, there are both advantages and disadvantages to anything. Let’s review what’s good and bad about dating Ukrainian girls.

These are the main pros:

  • They’re beautiful and know how always to look great. Almost every woman from Ukraine looks like a star, even when she just goes shopping. Makeup, nice clothing, perfect hairstyle—these ladies are champions in taking care of themselves. And you’ve probably noticed that from their profile pictures on Ukrainian dating sites.
  • Ukrainian girls are perfect at loving and caring. She’ll always ask how was your day at work and gladly listen to your stories. She’ll always make sure you’re eating well and feeling great. And she’ll more likely send you cute messages with heart emojis in the middle of that to let you know about her feelings.
  • They’re usually great cooks. Ladies in Ukraine are great at cooking, and your girlfriend will more likely pamper you with such nice dishes as borscht, varenyky, and holubtsi.
  • Ukrainian females are loyal. Dating a Ukraine girl, you can be sure she won’t betray you. When she chooses a man, she respects her decision and will stay with you no matter what.
  • They’re open-minded and fun to be around with. Ukrainian girls are great talkers. They might feel cold from first sight, but that’s only when you don’t know them. After getting a little closer, she’ll impress you with her sense of humor and understanding of many topics for discussion.

Now, let’s move to cons:

  • You might experience language barrier. Not all women in Ukraine are fluent in English. Many still know it at the Intermediate level, so you first might have some difficulties with understanding each other.
  • Ukrainian girls don’t open fast. For a woman from Ukraine some time is needed to show you who she really is. At the beginning of any communication, she might seem cold and not interested in the connection at all. But that’s only because she wants to make sure you’re able to take the lead.
  • Ladies in Ukraine are too emotional. It’s easy for her to cry because of a touching scene in a movie and romantic video. But she’s also that emotional when it comes to possible arguments.
  • They focus on beauty and looks a lot. A typical Ukrainian girl always tries to look her best. Sometimes it’s even ridiculous and pointless. For example, it’s ok for her to wear at least mascara when she’s going to ski.
  • Dating women from Ukraine might be not cheap. As you’ve understood, Ukrainian ladies love presents. If you’re not used to this in your country, you might be surprised with the expenses for nice gifts for your girlfriend.

How to approach a Ukrainian girl?

No matter where you’re planning to search for a Ukrainian lady, on European dating sites or offline, following these simple recommendations will be helpful if you want to win her attention.

  • Take the lead. In Ukraine, it’s the man who always makes the first steps in a relationship. Be the first who express interest and proceed with dating. Let her be a little weak and enjoy your masculinity.
  • Give compliments. The more nice words you say to your Ukrainian girlfriend, the more she’ll like you and try to do something good for you as well. When you say to a woman that she’s beautiful and special, she feels so and wants to give you the same attitude as a reply.
  • Don’t focus on her beauty. But praying only her beauty would be shallow for a Ukrainian woman. These girls are very smart and educated and will appreciate it if you’ll notice that too.
  • Surprise and pamper her. Beautiful bouquets to wish a nice day, cute small gifts as a compliment, etc. Anything counts when dating Ukrainian women. Just demonstrate to her that you’re ready to make her smile anyway.
  • Be attentive. This includes listening to her when she shares her feelings, writing to her regularly, asking questions about her life, etc. Show your genuine interest in this girl if you want to get her.

Final thoughts

So, how to date a Ukrainian girl? With the tips given in this guide and the list of websites to search for single Ukrainian women, you’ll have no trouble dating them. Choose the website that fits your needs the most and get to know these beautiful ladies yourself.

The news and editorial staff of Market Research Telecast had no role in this article’s preparation.

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