Producer Miguel Zuloaga comments on the participation of Cynthia Klitbo and Bárbara Torres in “Junta de vecinos”

The premiere of the series “Meeting of Neighbors” on América TV is getting closer and closer. For this reason, Miguel Zuloaga, producer of this fiction, took stock of what the recording was in times of pandemic, also spoke about the participation of the actresses Cynthia Klitbo and Bárbara Torres.

“’Board of neighbors’, is a very special production since it was created at a difficult time for all Peruvians. Both Pro TV, as an entertainment producer, Mariana Silva (scriptwriter of the series) and I agree that a dose of joy should be transmitted to the public with endearing stories and characters ”, He said about the production that will premiere on December 13 on the screens of América Televisión.

Zuloaga stressed that international actresses Cynthia Klitbo and Bárbara made a great contribution to comedy.

“It has been gratifying. They are first-rate actresses who make a great contribution to comedy. It is a luxury to have them with us and thus further enrich the product. They have taken a lot from us and we keep a lot of them ”, he pointed.

The television producer also spoke of the challenge of carrying out production amid the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

“On the difficulties that, in any case, it is necessary to be much more careful and refined in all production processes. We have strictly complied with the anticovid protocols, always ensuring the health of the entire team, both actors and those who are behind the scenes ”, emphasized.

“After a year since the series began to be recorded, it finally airs this Monday, December 13, with many expectations and anxieties that they already know all the stories”, he bounded.

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