Professional Football League: how is Boca’s fixture during 2022

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This Tuesday the areas and dates of the Professional Football League Cup 2022, the first tournament of the season for the argentinian football as it was last year. Boca Juniors, one of the members of Zone B, already knows who his rivals are and when he will face each of them.

The contest will be made up of the 28 teams of the Professional Football League (LPF), which will be divided into two zones of 14 each. There will be 13 dates and an interzonal, in which the classic rivals will face each other, since they cannot share a group. Therefore, Xeneize will play 13 matches -the format is a single match- and one more against River.

The competition will kick off on February 11 and 4, as originally planned, having been pushed back a week by the explosion of coronavirus cases. The group instance will run until May 8. After that first phase, those who place in the first four positions in each zone will access the quarterfinals. In this way, they will be eliminated until they reach the final, scheduled for May 22.

Boca’s fixture in the 2022 Professional Soccer League Cup

  • Date 1: vs. Colón de Santa Fe (local)
  • Date 2: vs. Aldosivi from Mar del Plata (visitor).
  • Date 3: vs Rosario Central (local).
  • Date 4: vs Independent (visitor).
  • Date 5: vs Hurricane (local).
  • Date 6: vs. Students of La Plata (visitor).
  • Date 7: vs. River Plate (away).
  • Date 8: vs. Sarandí Arsenal (local)
  • Date 9: vs. Velez Sarsfield (away).
  • Date 10; vs. Lanus (local).
  • Date 11: vs. Godoy Cruz (local).
  • Date 12: vs. Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero (visitor).
  • Date 13: vs. Central Barracks (local).
  • Date 14: vs. Tiger (visitor).
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Professional Football League Cup: when does Boca play against River

According to the draw that took place this Tuesday, Boca will face before River on March 20 by the date 7 of the Professional Football League Cup 2022.

Then, depending on their performance in their respective zones, they could meet again in the competition playoffs. This means that if Boca Y River pass the first phase, there is the possibility of having a new Super classic in the quarterfinals, semifinals or finals.

How the 2022 Professional Soccer League will be played

Once the contest ends, as happened during 2021, the LPF begins. This will start on May 22 and end on October 30. The tournament will take place in a single match, so there will be 27 dates. It will be a contest that will be played quickly -sometimes during the week-, since the Qatar World Cup 2022 at the end of the year.

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The schedule for Boca will be adjusted for this, but also because it is classified for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. Also, for instance, he has ahead of the Cup Argentina Yet the Super Cup Argentina, in which they will meet again in a defining match against River.

What does Boca need to qualify for the Copa Libertadores 2023

Boca A new season will start in Argentine soccer with the illusion of adding a new star to its history. In addition to this, the ambition to compete internationally is always latent. Therefore, classify to the following Cup Liberators It is one of the objectives of the year. What will you need to enter the 2023 edition?

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According to the regulations established between the Professional Football League and the Association Argentina from Football (GRANDPA), the champions of the 2022 League Cup, the 2022 LPF and the 2022 Copa Argentina will enter the Libertadores 2023. In addition, the top three in the annual table will qualify for the continental event.

So, in case Boca cannot make a turn in those three competitions that would give him direct access, he must have a good performance in the La Liga Cup and the Professional League, since both tournaments are the ones that count for said annual table.

What happens if Boca does not meet those requirements? It will have the possibility of being part of the 2023 South American Cup, as long as it is between fourth and ninth place in the year of Argentine soccer.

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