Professional Soccer League: how is River’s fixture during 2022

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River closed the year 2021 celebrating two titles and will seek to continue in the same vein for the next season of the argentinian football. With the draw of the Professional League Cup 2022 already resolved, the Núñez club, which was within Zone A, already knows what its fixture is for this year.

The format of this contest is that the 28 teams from Professional Football League (LPF) They are divided into two different zones of 14 clubs that will cross each other only once from February 11, the date on which the competition will begin, the start of which was postponed a week amid the explosion of coronavirus cases. The final dispute is scheduled for May 22.

Thus, River will have 13 dates ahead, but to these is added an extra against Boca, since there will be an Interzonal match of classics, as happened last year.

If the Millionaire finishes the first phase within the first four places of his group, he will access the playoffs from the quarterfinals. There, the eight best positioned in the competition will eliminate each other until reaching the final, scheduled for May 8.

River’s fixture in the Professional Football League Cup

  • Date 1: vs. Union of Santa Fe (away).
  • Date 2: vs. Board of Trustees of Paraná (local)
  • Date 3: VS. Newell’s Old Boys (away).
  • Fecha 4: vs. Racing Club (local).
  • Date 5: vs. San Lorenzo (visitor).
  • Date 6: vs. Gymnastics La Plata (local).
  • Date 7: vs. Boca Juniors (local).
  • Date 8: vs. Defense and Justice (visitor).
  • Date 9: vs. Argentine Juniors (local).
  • Date 10: vs. Banfield (away).
  • Date 11: vs. Workshops of Córdoba (visitor).
  • Date 12: vs. Atletico Tucuman (local).
  • Date 13: vs. Sarmiento de Junín (visitor).
  • Date 14: Platense (local).
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After these 14 dates that the League Cup will have, it will be the turn of the direct crosses between the best in the tournament. But, later, the soccer schedule of Argentine soccer will be identical to that of 2021. It is that River will have ahead of Professional Football League 2022, same competition with which it was crowned at the end of last year.

It will be a tournament that is always complicated, but which, for Núñez’s men, will also bring with it the complexity of having to go through it while competing in other tournaments such as the Cup Liberators 2023, among others.

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In addition, the calendar will be adjusted due to the fact that at the end of 2022 the world from Qatar 2022. For this reason, on May 22, when the League starts, River -like all those who will play international tournaments- he will have tight schedule times, since all the competition must end on October 30.

Professional Football League Cup: when does River play against Boca

The draw that took place this Tuesday in the Professional Football League determined that River Y Boca They will meet on March 20 for the seventh date of the League Cup, at the Monumental Stadium.

According to how each of the teams fare in their respective groups, Argentine soccer could have an eventual crossover in the following instances, that is, in the quarterfinals, semifinals or finals. Everything will be subject to the results of both during the competition.

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What River needs to qualify for the Copa Libertadores

River, since Marcelo Gallardo is on the bench, has something special with international competitions. In fact, seven of the 14 titles he won there as a coach were from that range. Although during 2022 his participation in the Copa Libertadores is already assured, he must have a good season to enter the next edition.

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To get a ticket to the maximum continental contest, River, according to what was resolved by the Argentine Football Association (AFA) they will have to be champions of the 2022 League Cup, the 2022 Professional Football League or the 2022 Argentine Cup, or even finish in the first three places of the national annual general table.

It consists of the sum of the points obtained in the League Cup and the LPF. what other chance do you have River to play an international tournament in 2023? If you do not meet those requirements, but finish between fourth and ninth position in said table, you will enter the Copa Sudamericana the following year.

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