Programmer’s Day: why is it celebrated and where did it come from?

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Programmer's Day: why is it celebrated and where did it come from?

The Programmer’s Day has as purpose recognize homework What do the Programming and Software Development workers, Who create solutions through code so that users can make use of the technologies that simplify their lives. In such a way, every September 13, they are honored for the work they do in technological development which is fundamental for him growth of a country.

The origin of the celebration was born in Russia from a request who headed the Russian programmer, Valentin Balt, in 2002. This employee of the web design company “Parallel Technologies” established that the celebration falls on the 256th day of the year, which according to the Gregorian calendar, is the September 13th.

The 256 was taken as the reference number to install the date, as it is very significant for programmers, as it is the number of different combinations what can be represented by 8 bits. It is also the greater power of two (2) less than three hundred sixty five (365). It is for these reasons that the declaration of the anniversary on September 13.

However, the celebration may vary between September 13 or 12 if it is a leap year, as it was last year, in 2020.

The initiative that Balt had suggested in 2002, finally in 2009 got a first response. On July 24 of that year, the Russian Communications Minister wrote a draft law to create the new holiday. Although it was He September 11, 2009, when the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree that would make the Programmer’s Day in order to honor all those who carry out this activity.

What does a programmer do?

The programmers, also called software developers, they are the ones who elaborate the computer programs, that is, write, debug and maintain the source code of a computer program, which runs the computer hardware, to perform a certain task.

It is currently one of the most sought-after jobs around the globe. According to the latest study of the Chamber of the Argentine Software Industry (CESSI), the software industry recorded more than 5,300 new jobs during 2018However, it is still not enough to satisfy the demand of the local and international market.

That is why the company dispute over Argentine talent it is getting stronger and stronger, where tempting job offers of the most varied are put into play, and where salaries are higher compared to others in the labor market.

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