Progression in Halo Infinite is slow, so 343 Industries is looking at it

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By surprise, without anyone expecting it (actually yes, because it was leaked hours before), the multiplayer of Halo Infinite can now be enjoyed on console and PC. The title developed by 343 Industries adopts a model free-to-play for its modalities in company, while the campaign will be sold separately. Not a few have complained about the battle pass progression, which some consider too slow. Now, the developer has pointed the feedback and you are already looking for a solution for progression.

The problem is that instead of gaining experience at the end of the game, the way to advance is based on completing different challenges, which slows down the progression. Brian Jarrard, Community Director, has referred to this issue on social media.

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Progression in the spotlight

“Many thanks to everyone who has accessed the Halo Infinite beta so far,” he wrote on Twitter. The team is analyzing the progression of the battle pass and gathering session data yesterday, so we’ll share updates when we get them. ” The community manager has reminded players that they can visit the customer support page if they find bugs or other problems. In addition, the HaloSupport Twitter account informs about all the patches and news.

Halo Infinite was meant to accompany the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at launch, but the studio delayed the arrival of the Master Chief, knowing they needed more time to put together a solid product. The wait, however, will be over soon, as the final version of the multiplayer and the campaign will be ready next December 8, both on Xbox One and on its next-generation machines. Of course, it will also be available on PC and Xbox Game Pass from launch.

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