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ProRes on the iPhone 13 Pro: 4K needs sufficient memory

One of the top functions of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is the ability to record videos in Apple’s own high-end format ProRes for the first time – in order to then process them in the highest possible quality with professional tools such as Final Cut Pro. However, there is a big “but” with the function that is exclusive to the Pro models: It depends on the amount of memory you allow your new smartphone.

Like Apple in the fine print writes about the new models, ProRes is actually supported in all variants of the two 13-Pro devices. However, if you choose the entry-level model with “only” 128 GByte (from 1150 euros), this is only possible with restrictions: Then you can record ProRes with 30 fps up to a maximum of 1080p, where the question of whether it makes sense may then arise. The full resolution of 4K is only available from 256 GB upwards (Apple is offering up to 1 TB for the first time).

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That means: If you want to record ProRes in 4K at 30 fps, you need at least the iPhone 13 Pro with 256 GB for 1270 euros, alternatively the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 256 GB (1370 euros). It’s unclear why Apple is asking for so much memory. It is possible that only the larger modules are able to write ProRes adequately quickly – alternatively, the group could just want to create a marketing-driven separation between the entry-level model and the more expensive variants. (Of course you also have more memory if you record ProRes, which is very memory-hungry.)

The 1 TB iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most expensive iPhone of all time. Whoever accesses this now pays 1830 euros from the manufacturer (all prices without a contract). This is the first time Apple is moving towards the 2,000 euro mark, a fact that many market observers had been expecting for a long time. Nevertheless, overall there was no significant price increase for the devices, as was expected by some analysts. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are said to have significantly higher graphics performance compared to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The integrated A15 SoC should – also thanks to an additional graphics core – show a metal performance in the first benchmarks that is up to 55 percent higher than its predecessor. Initial tests have to show whether this is true.


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