PS Plus | Double Discount Deals on PS Store games for PS5 and PS4

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PS Plus |  Double Discount Deals on PS Store games for PS5 and PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled a new promotion of offers in PS Store call Double Discounts. Available until next June 23 Exclusively for players subscribed to PS Plus, the offer applies to a selection of PS5 and PS4 video games with up to 30% discount; which actually becomes up to a 60% discount if we are members of PlayStation Plus.

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Players of either of the two consoles can benefit from this promotion. Games like Borderlands 3 Next Level Edition (PS4 and PS5), which drops in price to 50.24 euros, although for PlayStation Plus subscribers the final price is 25,49 euros (before 74.99 euros). Same for the batch GTA V: Premium Online Edition and Great White Shark card, which is worth GTA $ 1,250,000. In this case, the price drops to 32.39 euros instead of the usual 44.99 euros. If we are subscribed to PS Plus, the final price will be 19.79 euros.

Another of the most prominent games of recent years is included in this sale with the definitive version, Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition. Users with an active PS Plus account can benefit from a great discount and pay 19.79 euros instead of the usual 44.99 euros. 32.39 euros if we are not subscribed to PS Plus.

Here is a list of some of the titles chosen by Sony to celebrate the arrival of Double Discounts to PlayStation Store until June 23.

Featured Offers from the Double Discounts Promotion on PS Store (PS4 and PS5)

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