PS Plus games: Godfall arrives without the campaign and Mortal Shell, only in PS4 version

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PS Plus has already revealed its game grid for the month of December. Among them are Godfall Challenger Edition and Mortal Shell. While the second will only offer its version for PS4, the title edited by Gearbox limits the content found in the full game.

What content does Godfall Challenger Edition include?

As stated in its description on the official PlayStation blog, the Challenger Edition “offers three final game modes: Bearer of Light, Stones of Dream and Tower of Trials”. These experiences are part of the endgame content of the base game, that is, they are found after completing the campaign mode. For this reason, your character will instantly obtain the maximum level and will give you weapons and bonus points to keep up with the threats on this side of the experience.

“The cooperative mode of the Challenger Edition is compatible with all updated editions of Godfall and supports intergenerational play,” they subscribe from PlayStation. Players who want to play Godfall’s campaigns and its expansion, Fire & Darkness, can upgrade their Challenger Edition to the Deluxe Edition.

Next we leave you with the description of each of the endgame levels.

  • Light carrier: “A battle against darkness that threatens to extinguish the light of the kingdoms of Aprion. Players who wish to preserve it through select nightmares will receive ever-increasing rewards and will face more challenging hordes until the Heart of Darkness is banished in an epic final battle. “
  • Dream stones: “Participate in random encounters by reliving Orin’s memories and earn unique rewards every time you play. Curses granted on the so-called cursed team can be removed by completing challenges in Dreamstones. “
  • Tower of Evidence: “Put your skills to the test in a challenging climb to the top of the tower, handing out blessings and taking on fierce bosses along the way in pursuit of juicy loot.”
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