PS Store sale: 10 must-have Hidden Jewels, on sale on PS4 and PS5

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If a week ago we made a series of recommendations in the offers in PS Store Blockbuster Games, today it is the turn of the new promotion, Hidden Jewels. In this way, over the next few days, we can find in the Sony digital store a series of games, some not so hidden, that we consider practically essential, and that we will detail so that you do not miss out on so much discount. They are the following.

Great deals on PS Store

Thus, we are presented with a great opportunity to discover some games that we have probably missed, and in charge of some studies that have recently given us a lot of joy. It is the case of Supergiant Games, Housemarque and Arkane, creators of Hades, Returnal and Deathloop respectively, and whose previous works we can find at ridiculous prices. We talk about Pyre, Nex Machina and Prey, three excellent games with direct fun and each one in what they do best with their respective study in charge.

We will also find fantastic indies like Spiritfarer, the now classic contemporary Celeste, Kentucky Route Zero or the card roguelite, Slay the Spire. Meanwhile, other big AAA like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or Final Fantasy XV are also in these offers, as well as the essential Castlevania Requiem compilation and of course, It Takes Two, the game of the controversial Josef Fares and which opts in its own right to be one of the best titles of this year 2021.

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