PS Vita | Sony closes the Messages app; chats and invitations are over

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The Messenger Service of PS Vita no longer available to users. As reported by Sony Interactive Entertainment on March 29, when the closure of the PlayStation Store of PS3, PS Vita and PSP was announced (finally reversed in the first two), the app Messages would stop operating on the portable console on June 28, subject to changes by time zones. During the early hours of this Tuesday the definitive closure.

What does closing the Messages app mean on PS Vita

For all practical purposes, returning PlayStation Vita users will no longer be able to use the messaging service, which included the internal chat feature to participate in written conversations with friends. In turn, we can no longer communicate in any way with friends added to the console, nor invite them to games, as in the past.

On the other hand, all messages will disappear from the app; Fortunately, those who want to preserve this history of messages exchanged with other users will be able to continue accessing the chats from the Smartphone, PlayStation 4 or PS5 app. “Even if this disappears from PS Vita, you will still have the messages available in the messaging service for the PS5 and PS4 consoles and through the PS mobile application,” Sony explained in the information sent to the media last March.

What will be lost with the closure of the PSP PS Store in July

The controversy surrounding the closure of the PS Store PS3, PS Vita and PSP resulted in an immediate reaction from the community of PlayStation gamers, who raised their voices showing their discontent. Sony reciprocated that response and confirmed that the PS3 and PS Vita digital stores will remain open and operational; not so the PSP.

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It will be the next friday july 2 (time to be determined) when the services of the PS Store of PlayStation Portable, Sony’s veteran portable console, are closed. In total, 35 video games will disappear from your purchase forever; there will be no legal alternative to acquire them.

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