PS5: How are firmware updates designed? Sony explains it

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has published an extensive interview with Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Platform Experience, to publicize how is the development process of firmware updates from their consoles; with special emphasis on PS5, which this September has incorporated many new features. The team also offers its vision for the future.

“So far, this has been the second major update that PS5 has received. If we look back, I think eight years have passed since the launch of PS4, “Nishino begins when asked about the design and development process for PS5 updates. “In all that time, we have learned a lot about users, how they use their consoles and how games take advantage of their capabilities. In this way we can know which functions are the most popular among gamers and which are the least used.. Before the PS5 launch, we drew up a list of features that we wanted to implement. What’s more, at first we thought about including all of them ”, he acknowledges, but it was not possible.

This is how characteristics such as the trophy tracker —Which Nishino celebrates for its usefulness— or the possibility of expanding the internal memory of PlayStation 5 by going to M.2 SSD external storage drives.

However, there are still a multitude of functions and ideas that could come in the future. After the launch of PS5, we have received many comments and opinions from the gaming community, as well as the press, family and friends, through our social media channels and telemetry systems, which has allowed us draw up an immense list of the aspects and functions that most interest users ”. These ideas are “interesting, exciting and fantastic ”, stresses. “We have a huge list of features that we would like to implement.”

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Beyond firmware: Sony wants to improve user experience

Regardless of the firmware, Nishino ensures that his attention is not only based on improvements to the firmware, but also on improve user experiencesuch as improvements in network functions. “Sometimes, we modify a series of functions according to the characteristics of a certain group of players to analyze how they use them. In short, it is a very dynamic process ”.

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