PS5 receives a new update; What improves?

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PS5 receives a new software update. This version 21.02-04.50.00 “Improves system performance”. It is now available for download. As soon as you enter the home of your console, it will start automatically. To proceed with the installation, you must point it out from the download menu on the interface. It requires only 914 MB of free space.

PS5 and 2021

PlayStation has had an exceptional first generation year. In addition to the pitching grid, spearheaded by heavyweights like Demon’s Souls Remake y Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, in this 2021 three names appear as their spearheads.

The first to arrive was Returnal. Housemarque left us a personal stamp title, measured to the extreme. “The Finns have built a structure based on the pillars of the two great slopes of the Rogue, the Bullet Hell and even the Metroidvania 3D. This fusion of genres creates a title born for experimentation, addictive like few others and tremendously satisfying when pulling the trigger ”, we said in our analysis.

Some months later I would do the same Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart, which achieved a rating of 9 out of 10 on this home. The popular PlayStation couple saw the arrival of a third party, Rivet. All three star in “plentiful action with a wide variety of weapons and enemies, which in turn is well balanced with doses of platforming, exploration and a few puzzles.” You can read our conclusions by clicking here.

Deathloop It appeared in September as the last great exclusive of the console this year, although in this case it is of a personal nature. Arkane Studios left the Dishonored brand behind to build a new IP with the personality that only they know how to mold. “This is not a roguelike, but a different way to discover a story full of playable surprises,” we commented.

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