PS5: Sony has "exciting ideas" for future updates

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In the middle of this month of September that is about to end, we received what was the second major firmware update for PS5, an update that brought us, among other functions, the ability to expand the console SSD. However, far from finishing the job, Sony is already working on future updates, for which they say they have “interesting, exciting and fantastic ideas”.

This has been stated by Hideaki Nishino, Vice President of Platform Experience of the Japanese company, who has ensured that these ideas come not just from current user feedback, but even before the console even hit the market.

More features coming to PS5

In an interview with the official blog of PlayStation, Nishino announced that they still have a great list of things they want to include in future updates for PlayStation 5, many of them collected through the, for now, eight years of life of PS4. “We have a giant list of things we wanted to do before PS5 was released.“Nishino confesses.” In fact, we dream of doing it all. Have I digested the entire list? I don’t think so, but there are interesting, exciting and fantastic ideas in it, “he concludes.

As it also says, these ideas come not only from Sony internal studies, but also from user impressions. “We are getting a lot of feedback from the community via social media or telemetry, as well as from family and friends,” he says. “We have tons of feedback.”

Finally, Nishino does not specify which functions could be close to coming to the console, but he assures that work is being done on features that the community is asking for with some insistence. “When I look at everything we need to do, there is a lot,” he says. “The gaming community is asking for a lot of things. I mean from a Japanese point of view, I am working diligently on these lists so that all these features can come in the future.”

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As we said at the beginning, the latest PS5 update brought us not only the possible expansion of the SSD, but also the ability to incorporate 3D Audio to the television, or multiple interface customization improvements.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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