PS5 strengthens its commitment to a website dedicated to accessibility

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“PlayStation strives to create a barrier-free gaming experience that adapts to the needs of players of all abilities ”. This message opens the website that Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched to focus its attention on accessibility, one of the challenges of the modern video game that companies are taking increasingly seriously. Not surprisingly, recent PS4 and PS5 titles such as The Last of Us Part 2 and Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart have placed special emphasis on these types of options.

Jim Ryan, president and director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has explained that they are striving “in build a future for gamers of all abilities”. In his words, the Japanese giant already uses “technology to promote accessibility tools, products and services” from which members of the “PlayStation community” benefit. The manager points out that it is one more step to fulfill his mission, that of “connecting the world through the power of the game.”

Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, added: “Creating an accessible world for gamers motivates and inspires us in our work. At PlayStation Studios we aspire to create video game content that not only offers immersive experiences, but also enables gamers to players create meaningful linksbecause we have a lot in common thanks to the shared pleasure of playing. “

Tutorials, options and more

The web collects the visual characteristics that can be adapted in PS5, among which are: zoom, color correction, text size, bold text, high contrast and more. As for the sound, the new generation machine introduces a screen reader that can read the text aloud; It also serves as an oral guide to facilitate use of the console.

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The newly launched website also displays detailed information on subtitles, controls, and gameplay, which refer to tutorials that indicate step by step how to configure each of the options.

The consoles, therefore, already implement accessibility options, which also delves into video games. Microsoft has also made significant strides in this fieldThus, third party companies are adding more and more configurations of this style to their products.

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